Friday, June 26th, 2009

Like many Australians, artist Jo Kerlogue vividly remembers mourning much loved Molly Jones from the popular Australian soap A Country Practice. Described as Australian television's biggest ‘Kleenex moment', the two episodes screened over two nights in 1985 are the subject of her latest solo exhibition ‘The Death of Molly Jones'.

Masquerading as alter-ego Nonchalant Sally, Kerlogue will exhibit a camp, nostalgic re-evaluation of history. Armed with the tools of parody 'The Death of Molly Jones' will re-assess received wisdom and dominant Australian culture through the satirical vehicle of illustration montage. The Death of Molly from A Country Practice is both a vivid emotional memory shared by many Australians and a metaphor of the Australian contemporary condition.

"Impending homosexuality, detachment from extended family through immigration and living in suburban Adelaide altered my understanding of significant sentiment", says Kerlogue. "Instances, regarded as meaningful, such as births, deaths and marriages were qualified through the characters from soap operas, who became 'real family' albeit, one made up of light and electronics".

Possibly the only artist ever to undertake a Masters degree as an alter-ego, Kerlogue explains, "We have entered an age where fleshy analogue organisms intertwine with digital electronics and binary codes to create a new breed of bio-cybernetic creatures. In a world of images and simulations Nonchalant Sally is a cultural product, an attempt to answer the question; how does an artist compete in a world which is essentially a gigantic McFlurry of images?"

'The Death of Molly Jones' will combine a myriad of illustration montage with an installation of theatrical lighting, live classical music, recorded sound and moving image. The result is an unconventional and emotive, multi-media illustration experience, in the Old Port Adelaide Waterside Worker's Hall, opening on Tuesday July 7th at 6.30pm until July 18, 2009 in conjunction with Vitalstatistix Theatre Company.

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Jo Kerlogue and Nonchalant Sally

Jo Kerlogue has exhibited work in Busan, Korea, Adelaide and Melbourne and is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Illustration at the University of South Australia. Kerlogue and alter-ego Nonchalant Sally illustrate for a variety of formats including mobile phone, large scale digital projection, packaging, fabric printing, illustration performance, the world wide web as well as the traditional gallery setting.
Nonchalant Sally Illustration and Art work are for the culture savvy consumer, always willing to remain one step ahead of the cultural zeitgeist.
Jo Kerlogue
P: +61 (0) 438 836 709

Vitalstatistix Theatre Company

Vitalstatistix exists to support, curate and produce high quality, provocative and challenging live performance, engaging and entertaining diverse audiences and contributing to Australian culture. Vitalstatistix is a catalyst and incubator for the development of important, innovative contemporary arts practice.

Jennifer Greer-Holmes
P: 08 84476211


The latest solo exhibition by prominent Australian artist Jo Kerlogue (as alias and alter-ego Nonchalant Sally), opens Tuesday, July 7. 6.30pm. Please call or email Jo Kerlogue for more details or interviews.


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