Friday, August 12th, 2011

Tweet from Father Bob (Victorian Of The Year): UK commentators using "these people" to describe their lost generation...lost to mainstream society but found one another.

The riots in London are symptomatic of a ‘lost generation’ that our overprotective and alienating society has created, says Father Bob Maguire.

Speaking on Twitter, social justice advocate Father Bob has spoken out against the wider community’s tendency to treat errant youths as outcasts, suggesting that this is a significant catalyst in the recent riots that have raptured London and its surrounds.

In an effort to further promote his message, Father Bob will be speaking at next month’s Think Inc. Conference (September 18, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre) on the key areas of social justice reform that Australia needs to make in order to create a society that embraces and protects its outcasts.

Think Inc. is a conference spearheaded by three Melbourne youths, one of whom has been through Australia’s prison system.

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When we were kids, we were amazed by the world. We were fascinated by everything that we came in contact with; everything required closer inspection and scrutiny. Our parents would tell us about the hardships they had growing up; they’d tell us about the close-mindedness of forgotten eras that caused so much pain and suffering in the world; they’d tell us about the lack of technological innovation that made everyday life all the more difficult.

We didn’t worry about any of that, though, because this was the future, and we were a part of it.

As we grew older, we realised that we may not have been correct. Close-mindedness still permeated nearly all facets of society; critical thought seemed like something to be admonished rather than applauded; ignorance, intolerance and fear-of-change stifled social change.

We’ve come far. But imagine how far we could have come.

Sean Kwan
P: +61 408 383 525


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