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Write a Short Story set 100 Years in the Future

What do you hope Earth will be like for our children’s children? The competition is open to all ages in four categories. There is no entry fee, and submissions are being accepted until November 1, 2011. Stories should be no more than a thousand words, with no lower limit and very short stories are welcome. See full details at Short Story Competition web page.

Winners will see their names on a “Wall of Fame” and be published on the web site. Individual digital certificates will go to winners and highly commended entrants. All other entrants will receive a digital certificate by email, to thank them for participating.

I think we have to design or look ahead and dream of a future
and then we get on with making it happen
David Suzuki

After I saw David Suzuki interviewed on the Australian TV show, “Can We Help?” in February this year, I thought about his words for a long time and came up with the idea for this competition.

Write a Story and Change the World

  • What will a sustainable future look like?
  • What can we do now to have a healthy planet in a hundred years?
  • What might we gain and what might we lose?

The first steps are to think about it, talk to others and write about what might be possible. Global warming, carbon taxes, job loss -- the news is full of gloom, fear of the unknown -- but how might we mould a new future? What if people decide to change the way they live and work?

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th Centuries led to great hardship and great prosperity for individuals and industries. It changed the world socially and economically forever. It also changed the environment which continues to this day, bringing us into a new revolution of social, industrial and environmental change.

Start Writing Today

Enter the competition for a chance to appear on the “Wall of Fame 2011” and be published on the web site. The competition is open to children and adults in four age categories, until November 1, 2011. There is no entry fee and submissions are by email, see entry form.

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Judy Winchester

Judy retired from full time work in January 2010 to immerse herself in writing fiction. Her blog and website is for beginning writers who:
- presently write or want to write fiction
- have decided to “get serious” about it
- need help to work out what that means for them
- and want direction and motivation to set and achieve their writing goals

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