Thursday, August 11th, 2011
It tries to promote, engage and help the survival of the few Dodo birds found in the crater of the dormant volcano "Trou-aux-cerf"

The volcano can be found on Mauritius Island, the only place where the famous Dodo bird could be found back in the 1700s

They seem to be set on trying to fly no mater what and it might cause the Dodo bird to go back into extinction.

Rats which escaped from the settlers' boat helped made the dodo extinct by eating the birds' eggs or the young offsprings.Since they couldn't fly they were easily preyed onto by hungry sailors and rats. History is repeating itself...the rats are still fond of those birds nowadays and are jeopardising yet again the famous birds' existence.

Please help them!

For more information please check the documentary featured on the website and be sure to check out the app.

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