Friday, August 12th, 2011

It’s been a MAD year for Adelaide’s newest production house – MAD Australia Productions.

It was a short 12 months ago that the energetic MAD crew took over the reins of Young Australia Productions and re-birthed it as MAD Australia Productions.

Since then the business has been, well madly busy with a host of innovations designed to show people and businesses a better way to talk to the world.

First off the rank was the eME which was a new way via video of keeping in touch with your world. It was a cheap and effective method of recording a message, from the deeply personal to the very public, to be sent – at the click of a button – to as few or as many as required. The eME was licensed to a sister production house in Melbourne and negotiations are underway for an American version of the product.

The next big innovation from MAD was the Newsfeed, designed to offer companies an eminently affordable system of keeping their customer base and potential customer base informed of matters in their industry.

The Newsfeed has hit the right nerve, with companies lining up to stamp themselves as authorities in their particular field.

CEO of MAD, Mr Craig Douglas, who runs the very successful Redbacks Direct cleaning company with its 1500 clients, said he developed Newsfeed to give him, as CEO of Redbacks, a way of keeping in touch and keeping his customers informed of changes or developments in his business.

“When I told a few friends what I was doing their reaction was immediate – they wanted to do the same thing. The challenge now is managing the scripting, recording and posting of the Newsfeeds.

“To facilitate the operation, we set up a green screen room at MAD where the face of the company can record a message to be sent out at a time determined by the company.

“It’s a perfect product for MAD because it’s a lot of fun and it is a real service, not a make-believe one.”

As well as eMEs and Newsfeeds, MAD has been busy making corporate documentaries as well as comedy commercials.


CAPTION: Craig Douglas (left) and Dale Ross - having a MADingly good time

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