Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
Online children’s clothing businesses are at the forefront of the Australian-made campaign with new research finding over 60 percent surveyed sell home grown products rather than importing from overseas.

Technology startup myAppalogues trawled through over 700 baby and children websites to compile the most comprehensive survey of its kind.

The survey was conducted as a means of providing content for its revolutionary myAppalogues online catalogue accessible by mobile phone.

Founder Jillian Manly says the strong market for baby products made within Australia is great for both customers and the economy.

“These businesses are creating outlets for customers to purchase Australian-made baby and children clothing and products rather than them being shipped over from overseas,” Ms Manly says.

“This industry could very well be holding up Australia’s economy, as we reviewed more than 700 baby websites in our study and that only covered half of the majority of smaller businesses operating in this sector.

“There are so many dedicated small business owners making great products and the findings of the survey were very encouraging for the local economy.”

Ms Manly says the myAppalogues team reviewed the websites over the past month to see what products small business owners in the baby and kids market are creating.

“We focused our reviews on Australian companies selling to kids and mums and found about 60 percent of these sold a select number of their own branded products in particular segments,” Ms Manly says.

“The remainder were companies that held licenses to international products or were retail storefronts selling anywhere from 10 to over 100 brands of products.

“We avoided web ‘aggregators’, department store products, and blogs so what is left is a unique set of differentiated, boutique, special and often hard to find businesses and products for babies, children and their parents.”

Ms Manly says the job was very time consuming, but time well spent, as they the findings were very useful.

“Although looking at more than 700 baby websites over a couple of weeks is not everyone’s cup of tea, we found it worth while,” Ms Manly says.

“It was essential to carry out widespread research to expand our knowledge within this sector specifically and locate where the best options are for parents to make them readily available.

“But even after our extensive research, we come across more businesses every day that are not currently listed in our app and we’re always happy to hear from these businesses too.”

Ms Manly found the majority of these companies in this sector are Australian made, small, dedicated businesses operating out of home.

“Just like us, many businesses were started by mums, and I’ve learnt women and mums actually start-up businesses at a faster rate than most,” Ms Manly says.

“These businesses often operated out of the home and no doubt enlisted other family members as needed for evening packing and paperwork.

“Trust me, I know how that works, because I’ve done it too.”

The full list of reviewed websites can be found in the ‘myAppalogues’ app under KIDSPAGES.

The myAppalogues app is available free for all users and can be downloaded directly for iPhone/iPad through the Apple App Store and for Google Android smartphones from the Google Android App Market.

For more information and the latest news visit www.myappalogues.com.

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