Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Three Queensland software developers have put their money where their mouths are, giving away 1,000 software packs to help kickstart the small business sector (

The team is offering to help 1,000 battlers with “Target 1,000” survival packs containing valuable free financial, legal and compliance software.

Lisa Fletcher, CEO of award winning B-free, has contributed 1,000 valuable accounting and BAS tools from the B-free tool set. Sonja Bernhardt, CEO, ThoughtWare, one of the Who's Who of Australian Women and the first Australian inducted into the Hall of Fame for Women in Technology International, is providing 1,000 "business fine tuning" software including governance, risk management and compliance.

Inspired by the women’s initiative, Mr Andrew Smith, Creative Director of Legal ToolBox, has donated 1,000 copies of legal software to the packs. The legal suite includes documents, templates, links and guides that will assist you in creating necessary legal and business collateral to set up or expand your business.

The aim, says B-Free CEO and Target 1,000 co-ordinator Lisa Fletcher, is to help companies sow the seeds for success and capitalise on opportunities during this difficult time. "Smaller companies are the lifeblood of the economy and right now they can reap immediate and long term rewards, by starting the financial year with the right tools to succeed,” Fletcher said.

Target 1,000 Tool Kits will help small companies look after their accounting with processes such as automating BAS returns. The kits will also help them manage the regulatory environment through enhancing compliance recording and reporting, occupational health and safety, and risk management.

“This will help business owners keep their eyes on their business to not only survive the recession but to thrive and come out of it with stronger practices and processes and improved productivity,” Fletcher said.

Ms Fletcher adds that it is crucial that small and medium businesses not only survive the economic crisis, but are prepared for the upturn when it happens.

‘‘Small and medium business will be relied upon now more than ever to drive economic growth, create wealth and investment opportunities, and create and protect jobs for all Australians,’’ she says. Ms Fletcher believes Australia will be one of the first economies to emerge strongly from the slowdown.

‘‘We find ourselves in challenging times, and Australia is not immune. The global financial crisis has, in a matter of months, significantly eroded local business, investor and consumer confidence. It has hampered the ability to access finance and seen important investment projects put on hold.

‘‘Nevertheless, the underlying strengths of Australia’s economy mean that small business will remain the key economic driver of the nation. I urge businesses to make the most of Target 1,000 today to survive and thrive 09 and make way for the inevitable upturn.”

To request a Target 1,000 Tool Kit, please visit:

Software Donors Contact Details:

1. Lisa Fletcher, CEO, B-free

0401 385 887
[email protected]

2. Sonja Bernhardt, CEO, ThoughtWare

0416 248 236
[email protected]

3. Andrew Smith, Creative Director, Legal Toolbox

0404 646 159
[email protected]

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1. B-free Pty Ltd (Reg. 2001). Winner Microsoft Software Solution of the Year Award and Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Rising Star Award. B-free’s intuitive online SME accounting, automatically prepares accounts/BAS returns, budgets, and produces reports within 15 to 45 minutes. Complimentary copy included for your Accountant, to prepare, review and amend more returns than ever before possible!

2. i.on my business by ThoughtWare (Reg. 1999) Fine tuning your business with evidence based Governance, Risk Management and Compliance software (e.g. Occupational Health & Safety). Providing you with a structured framework to help meet legislative requirements, so you can keep your eye on your business.

3. Legal Toolbox Pty Ltd (Reg. 2007). A suite of documents, templates, links and guides that will assist you in setting up or structuring your business with necessary legal and business collateral for a Business Plan, Business Finance, Business and Legal Structures, Risk Minimisation, Joint Venture, Contracts, Legal Templates, Clients and Suppliers.
Sonja Bernhardt
P: 0416 248 236


Three Queensland software developers have put their money where their mouths are, giving away 1,000 software packs to help kickstart the small business sector.



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