Friday, August 12th, 2011
A new human resource management solution promises to change the way companies with multiple offices or departments manage their workloads.

Go Insource is a hosted, cloud-based solution that enables companies to make the most of their internal resources through tracking and analysing workflow and workloads. The company can then assign work to staff in different departments or offices based on that analysis.

“There are so many advantages and benefits of insourcing, we believe it’s a gamechanger,” says Matt Bronimann, CEO of Go Insource. “Up until now people have had few options: either you employ more people when you’re busy or make them redundant and lose good people when you’re not. Or you could outsource, which can be expensive and you don’t get the benefits of having people who know your company well.”

Matt says that Go Insource allows companies to keep their valuable staff and increase productivity.

“Go Insource allows companies to manage their peaks and troughs and keep on board the people they know and trust and who know their company’s systems."

“If a company has staff in an office in Australia that is going through a quiet period while their Auckland office is run off its feet, they can reassign staff from the Australian office to help take the pressure off.”

Another advantage of the solution, says Matt, is that because so much is now done electronically, it doesn’t have to mean physically moving people beween offices and departments. “And, if you have offices around the world, you get the added advantage that employees in different time zones can complete work for you overnight. It allows you to have 24/7 productivity.”

The Go Insource solution is straightforward to use; the administrator simply loads jobs and employees’ names into the system and can then prioritise jobs and assign workloads from the dashboard.

“We think that an administrator can learn the system easily within 20-30 minutes,” says Matt. “We’ve made it really simple.”

Go Insource has just launched and Matt believes it’s the start of a new way of managing staff and company productivity.

“There are so many insourcing advantages, we believe this is just the beginning,” says Matt. “Insourcing is the new outsourcing!”

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Go Insource

Go Insource is a dynamic company intent on changing the way business is resourced. Our new Human Resource Management app is designed to let you spread the workload across your entire business ... level out the peaks and troughs and increase visibility of your available resource. 

The advantages and benefits of insourcing can be great for both your business and your staff ... create a "win win" situation. 
Our app has been designed with a low administration overhead to ensure this way of working is now a viable option for your business. 

Matt Bronniman
P: +6421908288


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