Friday, May 18th, 2012
AMCRC Managing Director Bruce Grey Discusses Importance of Australia’s New Innovation Management Training Program

“If one was to look at any listed company and deduct the fixed assets from the market capitalization, the balance is the value of intangible assets. Intangible assets are made up of know-how (the collective wisdom and experience of the company’s total staff), patents, copyright and trade secrets,” said Bruce Grey, Managing Director of Australia’s Advanced Manufacturing CRC.

It is this combination of tangible and intangible assets that stokes the fires of innovation at Australia’s top companies, and it’s precisely what AMCRC’s exciting new innovation management training program works to cultivate in every firm that enrolls its staff in the training. Grey went on, “I define innovation as the creation, development, protection and commercialization of know-how, products and/or processes that pre-empt the market through the application of scientific and technological skills. Innovativity is an essential tool for any business because all businesses have a component of know-how which contributes to the value of the business.”

Innovativity – A Positive Influence On Australian Business

Innovativity is a comprehensive innovation management training program delivered by leading innovation experts from Australian industry. This hands-on training program is designed to help manufacturing start-ups through to large organisations more effectively manage the innovation process and achieve breakthrough commercial success.

“The Innovativity program will positively influence Australian business because there are thousands of SME’s in Australia that need practical assistance with innovation,” said Grey. “These firms need to understand that this is not a process to be afraid of,” he proclaimed. “Innovation is not mysterious but is in fact a systematic process that if tackled methodically will help them develop a strategy for the growth and increased value of their business.“

About Bruce Grey, AMCRC Managing Director

Bruce Grey joined the Advanced Manufacturing CRC as Managing Director in October 2009 after service as the AMCRC’s Industry Director. A key player in the development and implementation of the Innovativity training program, Mr. Grey is responsible for its concept, the recruitment of much of its management team, contributors and presenters and has also been deeply involved in the program’s overall design.

A sought after speaker about innovation in manufacturing, Bruce has extensive experience in general management within engineering and manufacturing companies. He has been an executive Director of two Australian public companies and for 10 years until 2009, was Chairman of a German joint venture between Bishop Technology Group Limited and Mercedes-Benz Lenkungen GmbH. He also boasts more than 20 years experience in managing industry R&D and more than 30 years experience in international commercialisation of Australian R&D.

In 2005 Mr. Grey was appointed to the working group of the Prime Minister’s Science Engineering and Innovation Council considering the opportunities and threats occurring in science and technology from the emergence of China and India. He was Chairman of the Federal Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Action Agenda. He is currently a member of the Federal Government’s Future Manufacturing Industry Innovation Council.

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The Advanced Manufacturing CRC

The Advanced Manufacturing CRC (creator of the Innovativity program) is part of the Australian Cooperative Research Centres Program. The AMCRC co-invests with industry and public sector research organisations to promote intellectual property commercialisation in the Australian Advanced Manufacturing sector.
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