Friday, August 5th, 2011

Four months on Sydney based tcommunity catches the eye of local businesses, charities and sporting clubs. More local businesses scramble to get involved in this refreshingly new charity concept

Just four months ago, tcommunity, was launched by Steve Stebbes, an enterprising entrepreneur seeking to make a difference in the local community.

While charities and sporting clubs were struggling to find corporate sponsors willing to form long term associations, organisations were looking for new ways to brand themselves as socially conscious businesses and contribute meaningfully to society.

An online charity platform, tcommunity enables members who sign up to the program the ability to acquire a range of products or services such as telecommunication products, financial services, printing services and even internet marketing services. While the members receive bonus gifts, they automatically contribute an equivalent value to a charity, association or club of their preference. This way, each time the business acquires these products or services of sponsoring members, the charity or sporting club they associate with also benefits.

What started out as a way to engage cross selling opportunities for telecommunications products and gain additional exposure has proved to be hugely successful.

As Andy Hempsall, reports, “From just one provider when we first launched in March, we now have over 30 providers, which means there are more products than ever to choose from. Besides the 6 sponsors, there are now 7 clubs and charities involved in the program. This is just the beginning, says Andy Hempsall. “With tcommunity gaining momentum, we envisage that traditional models of charity will have to take a long hard look into how they offer value to their corporate sponsors”.

TCommunity is challenging the way businesses look at raising their social consciousness profile, and expects a shift towards the new charity model!

TCommunity’s website allows organisations, clubs or charities with a client base to register, appoint the club, association or charity they wish to support and make the site’s offerings available to their members via a password protected entry point. Members are then able to take advantage of special offers and select a bonus gift with their purchase. As soon as their purchase is made a donation is allocated to the nominated club, association or charity. It’s that easy and streamlined.

The site has proven enormously interesting to clubs, associations and charities as well and they too are able to register and make the site available to their supporters who then are able to make a purchase AND support their organisation. It’s a “win win” proposition all the way.

Martin Bullock, Chief Executive Officer of Western Sydney Academy of Sport, has this to say about TCommunity,” Tcommunity is an exciting opportunity for the Academy which will provide great benefits for our athletes and supporters, while at the same time allowing them to direct their support to us, It's just a sensational vehicle for generating much needed funds through a community based cooperative process”

Other members and sporting clubs who have joined TCommunity are also delighted with their involvement, as this is truly a win-win proposition.

The enthusiastic team at TCommunity has its work cut out for them. They know there’s a lot of work to be done. The rewards of working in a forward-looking company go far beyond the remuneration that they receive. Which is why at every staff member believes in providing members service with a smile.

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TCommunity - Contributing together

T-Community in a community based program set up to help clubs gain additional funding. When a club supporter purchases something through T-Community, the company they purchase from makes a cash donation back to the club.
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