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Renaissance Publishing Enterprises is an innovative research facility dedicated to the study of ancient and modern literary works that promote life and consciousness. The research facility promotes value and quality in publishing ventures pertaining to people who contribute to the inner wealth of humanity through literary works. A specific mission of the enterprise is to promote the revival of knowledge that holds truth about the history of the world and the history of humankind’s relationship with God and the universe.

In operation for several years, in 2011 Renaissance Publishing Enterprises began active production by publishing several works that have been in progress for over thirty years. Dr. Michal Deschausses, a keynote author and noted Nostradamus historian, participated in the 2009 “Nostradamus Effect” series by the History Channel. Dr. Deschausses has published several books through Renaissance Publishing Enterprises that are true scientific, spiritual, and archaeological discoveries and are revelations of secret legends hidden during the era of the Inquisition. The in-depth research of Dr. Deschausses and the published results are groundbreaking news for scholars, scientists, members of the clergy, the religious body, people with specialized interest in Nostradamus, and those interested in the art of word permutation in ciphertext.

The art of ciphertext is an ancient form of the permutation of letters which has existed within various works of literature from ancient to modern times. This form of encoding or ciphering was often reserved for secret literary works or writings that had to be protected. This obscure art form originated many ages before the Inquisition, and some modern scholars claim that even the Holy Bible conceals messages. Early Hebrews referred to encoded or ciphered text as peshers which usually involved a story within a story concealing a profound secret. A pesher is a cryptic writing with multiple layers of content including both symbolic and literal language. The pesher does not easily give forth its secrets, and the first level of the pesher (ciphertext) is the one that immediately meets the eye with apparent meaning. While read on a conscious level, the ciphered surface of ancient peshers often contained multiple languages and iconic symbols. The deepest layer of the pesher (plaintext) often contains secret information.

The various literary works of Nostradamus, including the Presages, Sixains, and Centuries have long caused controversy and grave debate. With a proven, error-free method of deciphering, these three large literary works of Nostradamus have been decoded that all correlate the same secret tale. This is profound news for scholars who have studied the Nostradamus material, as well as code breakers interested in the ancient form of ciphering known as the permutation of letters. Although the scientific aspect of the Nostradamus work involves a specific field of study the spiritual aspects remain to be further explored. Dr. Deschausses states that this is not only a scientific and archaeological discovery but that this decoded text relates an ancient legend containing an important message. The deciphering and revelation of the mysterious Nostradamus legend is a non-fiction work which literally opens to new inspection the tomes of embedded tales through the ages. The general consensus among scholars and researchers has long been that the quatrains of Nostradamus contain substantial but circumstantial evidence of factual prophecy. Dr. Deschausses has lifted the veil on the poetic verse of Nostradamus – the master of enigma.

In 2011 Renaissance Publishing Enterprises launched a series of books by Dr. Deschausses:

Rise to Consciousness Philosophical Series
ISBN: 978-0-9835163-0-9

Nostradamus Presages of the Divine Plan – Rise to Consciousness
Volume One of a Four-Volume Series
ISBN: 978-0-9835163-2-3

Nostradamus Sixains of the Divine Plan – Rise to Consciousness
Volume Two of a Four-Volume Series (Special Edition)
ISBN: 978-0-9835163-1-6

Nostradamus Centuries of the Divine Plan – Rise to Consciousness
Volume Three of a Four-Volume Series
ISBN: 978-0-9835163-4-7

Three Temporal Kings
Nostradamus Prophecies of the Divine Plan
ISBN: 978-0-9835163-3-0

Research and development continues through Renaissance Publishing Enterprises, and the company anticipates the release of several related works within the next two years. All publications are available through worldwide booksellers in bookstores and through online retailers in both electronic and paperback editions.

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Renaissance Publishing Enterprises is an innovative research facility dedicated to the study of ancient and modern literary works that promote life and consciousness.
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