Thursday, August 4th, 2011
Australian businesses expect new media (Internet, Mobile Phones and Social Media) to be more important in their media spend in the coming year, and traditional media to be less important, according to the latest Roy Morgan Business Single Source survey - a nation-wide survey of 13,381 businesses.

Analysis by business size shows important differences, notably that the biggest spenders, Large Businesses with annual turnover of $50 million or more, are much more buoyant in their belief in greater importance for traditional media like television, radio and newspapers than are Smaller Businesses.

Media Channel Importance (MCI scores)1 - All businesses

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Source: Roy Morgan Business Single Source, 12 months to June 2011, n = 13,381.

The importance of social media is growing in the estimation of large businesses, who now demonstrate the strongest score for this new media.

Media Channel Importance (MCI scores) - By size of business

Purchase from an extensive range of detailed Roy Morgan Media Profiles

Purchase from an extensive range of detailed Roy Morgan Media Profiles

As shown in the charts, while patterns are broadly similar, it is clear that large businesses, with their more substantial budgets, can both lead with confidence in exploring new media yet retain their commitment to proven performers like television, radio and newspapers.

In the case of the smaller businesses, media like television and sponsorship can be prohibitively expensive while the internet, mobile phones and social media can offer greater accessibility and the excitement of new possibilities.

Purchase from an extensive range of detailed Roy Morgan Media Profiles

Purchase from an extensive range of Roy Morgan Media Profiles
Source: Roy Morgan Business Leaders Survey, 12 months to June 2011, n = 13,381.

George Pesutto, Industry Director – Media, Roy Morgan Research says:

“Roy Morgan Business Single Source shows that, in terms of increasing importance to the marketing mix, the Internet demonstrates the highest Media Channel Importance (MCI score) for all businesses, regardless of business size.

Large businesses with substantial budgets still consider the traditional mass media channels to be important to their marketing mix. However, they are also leading the way in recognising the importance of newer media channels such as Social Media.

Smaller businesses with lower ability to spend are less likely to consider greater importance for traditional media and increasingly look to new forms of media.”

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Roy Morgan Business Single Source is designed to be the ideal single source model for all Australian business, covering all industries and turnovers. Roy Morgan Business Single Source conducts more than 1,100 surveys each month which amounts to in excess of 13,000 interviews completed each year across the spectrum of Micro, Small, Medium and Large businesses Australia-wide.

The survey interviews CEOs, CFOs, owners, proprietors and senior decision makers about the business and financial decisions they make relating to financial services, technology, media and communications. All interviews are conducted online following recruitment through telephone interviews. Results can be evaluated by business size (either by turnover or number of employees).

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1How we calculate Media Channel Importance (MCI scores):

Respondents are asked to consider - in terms of their business’s marketing (advertising, sponsorship, direct marketing) - which channels they think will be more or less important in the next 12 months. Respondents are given 13 different media channels to evaluate as shown in the charts. The MCI scoresubtracts the ‘less important’ percentage from the ‘more important’ percentage and is expressed in percentage points of difference.

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