Thursday, August 4th, 2011
Adelaide will host the inaugural Technology Futures Summit later this month when internationally recognised keynote speakers and heads of industry examine what is in store for the South Australian electronics and allied industry.

Hosted by the Technology Industry Association (TIA) with support from Enterprise Connect, PWC and LMA, the summit will provide a one stop shop of futuristic industry insight, business opportunities, a brainstorming session and high level networking. Delegates will also have options to join post summit action groups.

The South Australian electronics and allied industry is important as an enabling sector and plays a major role in the development of new products and technologies across all facets of the Australian economy. This industry sector in South Australia has many opportunities that can be developed such as the expansion of established industries like defence and mining in addition to newer industries like medical devices, renewable energy and clean technology. There are also developments in areas such as environmental sensitivity awareness technologies, printable electronics, the square kilometre array and utilisation of satellites to track remote data.

Expansion into these new areas is one way of broadening the scope and competitiveness of the South Australian electronics and allied industry sector. This is particularly important in the current dynamic environment where manufacturing is becoming increasingly globally orientated. The summit will facilitate investigation of these opportunities and a stance to take leadership in driving the future direction of this sector.

The TIA completed a Five Year Strategic Plan for the South Australian technology industry in October 2010, and the summit compliments and extends the plan. Five focus areas have been identified in the strategic plan that will enable the South Australian technology industry to achieve strong and sustained growth:

1. IP development, protection and commercialisation
2. Skilled workforce development
3. Export development
4. Business sustainability and green initiatives
5. Investment / venture capital availability

During the summit, participants will be provided with time to discuss their take on speakers’ delivery in addition to ideas on the next steps for implementing actions for businesses. Essentially this is what the summit is all about – taking industry to the next level of engagement.

“The Technology Futures Summit will provide a full day program of speakers that will challenge the way most of us think about the South Australian electronics and allied industries. Further to this it will also provide an opportunity for delegates to register their interest in taking part in post summit action groups,” explained Acting TIA Ms Osborne.

Ms Osborne went on to say that staging the summit was a logical progression after releasing a high level strategic plan for the South Australian technology industry.

“Being in the technology industry we are approaching our industry strategic plan in a creative way. The reason we have included keynote speakers who specialise in the topic of innovation in addition to industry specialists, is because we aim to encourage summit delegates to embrace innovative thinking,” Ms Osborne went on to explain.

“Innovation is all about people and teams who think creatively. An environment that embraces the concept of unleashing creative genius can help companies become more competitive. Innovation is realising that when companies work together more can be achieved.”

Given the importance of innovation, Enterprise Connect is a logical partner and TIA was fortunate to receive support to enable this initiative to be developed.

Enterprise Connect is a Federal Government program through the Department of Innovation, Industry Science and Research with an objective to assist Australian SME’s to become more sustainable, innovative and globally competitive.

The summit is part of an ongoing series of joint TIA and Enterprise Connect events that began earlier this year and has received widespread industry support.

Summit Speakers:
Steve Vamos
Just one of the many outstanding speakers at TIA’s Technology Future Summit—is Steve Vamos. Steve will be addressing the topic of innovation. As former CEO of ninemsn, Vice President of Microsoft Australia & Vice President and MD of Apple in the Asia Pacific, Steve has a very insightful and paradigm shifting presentation.

Allan Ryan
Fresh from a stint at Harvard University where he facilitated high powered discussion groups, internationally acclaimed Allan Ryan will kick off the summit with his views on electronics industry’s future. Allan works across all sectors, private and public, large and small to ensure that accelerated performance and increased shareholder value are the results of innovative approach to change.

Wayne Hoffman – CEO of Entech Electronics
Wayne has the responsibility for all Entech companies worldwide. Wayne joined Entech in 1993 as an engineer (BE Honours Electronic Engineering) and over the years has worked in different divisions in technical, commercial and management roles.

Richard Turner – CEO Zen Home Energy Systems
Richard Turner is a serial entrepreneur, having founded four successful companies across four completely different industries. Using these entrepreneurial skills he has taken the business through two years of 800% growth, building Zen from a start up to a profitable business.

Donald McGurk – CEO of the Codan Group of Companies
Donald joined Codan in 2000 as General Manager of Group Manufacturing. Under his leadership, Codan developed its own highly efficient and responsive manufacturing capability, and expanded capacity by creating an outsourcing relationship with a manufacturing partner in Malaysia. He was appointed Managing Director and CEO of Codan in 2010.

Electronics Business Opportunity Speakers:

Geoff Cottrell – Product Development Manager for the Flinders Biotech Division

Square Kilometre Array
Laurie Burgess – Manager HF Surveillance for BAE Systems Australia

Sensing From Space for remote data collection
Prof Alex Grant – University of South Australia

Defence national future directions
Greg Ferguson – Editor of Australian Defence magazine

Printable electronics
Prof David Lewis – Finders University

Bookings: can be completed online at or by phoning 8272 5222.

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Technology Industry Association

The Technology Industry Association (TIA) is the peak body for the technology industry in South Australia and the official voice for the technology industry. The industry has an estimated 2010 turnover of $9 billion and is forecast to reach $10 billion in 2011. TIA is a non-profit, member based organisation that delivers tailored networking events, business advice and lobbying opportunities.

Facilitating the technology industry to thrive both domestically and internationally is of prime concern to TIA. The activities of this industry have a flow on impact to the economic prosperity of South Australia in terms of employment, future growth and social well being. In this sense TIA serves not only the technology industry but also the wider community who benefit from having a home grown flourishing high tech industry.

Jayne Osborne TIA Marketing Manager & Acting CEO
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