Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

-- Australian Entrepreneurs to Compete in G/SCORE Pitch Slams for Place in Guidewire Group’s Global Innovate!100 --

ANZA Technology Network will run a series of Pitch Slam events in Adelaide on 11 August, Melbourne on 15 August and Sydney on 25 August. Companies seeking to assess their global readiness to compete in the world’s two largest markets – the US and China – are encouraged to sign up to deliver a 5-minute pitch and get their G/SCORE.

Chris Shipley, CEO of Guidewire Group and developer of the G/SCORE, Andrew Collins, CEO of Mailman Group and Jennifer Zanich, serial Australian entrepreneur, will score the companies and provide insight into the current state of the US and China markets for Australian entrepreneurs. Shipley is one of the top US market analysts, having assessed more than 20,000 companies in the past two decades. Collins is an award-winning Australian entrepreneur who has successfully made inroads into the China market. Zanich is one of Australia’s best examples of repeat entrepreneurial success in the US market.

“Chris, Andrew and Jennifer bring a wealth of first-hand, in-market experience to these G/SCORE sessions,” said Viki Forrest, CEO of ANZA Technology Network.

“Australians are world class innovators from a very small market. It makes sense that aggressive startups and early-stage companies focus on one of these two large markets. The G/SCORE Pitch Slams will help companies determine which market is right for them and offer guidance on how to follow through.”

The G/SCORE measures companies across seven key business factors designed to accurately and consistently assesses a company regardless of stage, market segment and geography. It identifies strengths and opportunities and allows companies to benchmark their business against thousands of others worldwide.

Companies are charged $49 USD to participate and are asked to prepare a 5-minute pitch. Details about the events, which will be held at Innovate SA in Adelaide on 11 August, KPMG in Melbourne on 15 August and ATP Innovations in Sydney on 25 August are at:

ANZA is the exclusive partner of the G/SCORE in Australia and New Zealand.

More than 50 companies were scored in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide earlier this year. Last year, 10 Australian companies made Guidewire Group’s Innovate!100 list of the world’s top-performing startups based on their G/SCOREs. This 10 percent showing vs. countries in North America, Asia and Europe with much larger populations underscores Forrest’s and ANZA’s claims that Australian innovation is world class and more than ready to compete in larger, global markets.

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ANZA Technnology Network

ANZA Technology Network assists innovative Australian technology and biotechnology companies with global commercialization in the US and China. Through our in-market Gateway and Fast Track programs we work with committed companies to determine the right foreign marketplace and what it will take for successful business expansion. ANZA maintains a valuable global network of industry leaders across numerous technology sectors and opens this portfolio to our clients to foster funding, partnering and growth opportunities. Since 2002, ANZA has worked with hundreds of companies and made thousands of key connections. For more information:
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