Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

The idea is simple enough. Create a ‘box’ that integrates Internet and phone services into one package and which also goes beyond what you might expect to find in the average ADSL broadband modem.

The good news is (for those who don’t have the attention span to keep reading) iiNet has definitely done their homework and come up with a decent offering of phone and internet with BoB2TM.

Out of the box, it was good to find that the BoB2TM actually came with everything you need to get up and running quickly. In fact, I have to admit to foolishly rummaging through my big box of assorted computer cables and other various components (c’mon we all have one of those) for a spare ADSL line filter…only to find that, yes, there was one inside the BoB2TM package along with a phone and Ethernet cable.

I’m possibly one of the few people left on the planet who still reads the manuals that come with gadgets and while setting up the BoB2TM is easy for a stress-free setup, I have to recommend the “Read This First” booklet – or, if you need someone to talk you through it, you could always call the customer support number on the fridge magnet that’s also in the box.

Paperwork and various comprehensive manuals aside, let’s talk about the actual hardware. Again, iiNet has managed to tick all the boxes in terms of the aesthetics of the BoB2TM. Although, my initial thought was that it didn’t feel very solid and perhaps the handset cradle could have been attached in a more robust fashion.

You can’t go wrong with black. However, like my Playstation Portable, I think the BoB2TM with it’s glossy finish will soon be covered in fingermarks. But then it’s nothing a soft cloth can’t fix.

In terms of connectivity, the BoB2TM is well and truly ready to take on a load. Along with the obvious phone line input for your ADSL connection, you’ll find four wired 10/100 Ethernet ports (Gigabit would have been nice but this will be fine for most users), ‘N’ standard wireless connection, wired phone handset socket and a USB port to connect and power the wireless handset cradle. Additionally, there are two other USB ports – one tucked under the back cover that supports the connection of a 3G USB modem and another on the right side that can either be used to connect a network storage device or to power another USB device – for example you could use this to charge up your mobile phone.

To round off the BoB2TM package, iiNet has also built an answering machine into the device. Possibly a useful feature, but i figure if you can’t get me on the phone you’ll text, email, Facebook, instant message or track me down in a Google+ hangout.

Jokes aside, just a few days into my BoB2TM experience I’m enjoying the opportunity to tinker with the possibilities packed inside this shiny little box – although it has been pointed out to me that I really should tidy up my cabling.

BoB2TM is available to new and existing iiNet customers.

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