Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
ElectraNet is undertaking a major expansion of the high voltage electricity supply to the Adelaide CBD. This Reinforcement Program will ensure continued security and reliability of supply and facilitate the long-term growth and development of Adelaide and the South Australian economy. This project represents the most significant injection of network electricity capacity into the Adelaide CBD since the 1980’s, some 25 years ago. This project will represent an investment of nearly $250m and is part of ElectraNet’s $1billion five year expansion plans for South Australia.

ElectraNet is the owner and manager of the South Australian electricity transmission system. We aim to deliver this important infrastructure project for South Australia on time, on budget and with minimal disruption or inconvenience to the local community. As a private sector investor that operates only in South Australia, ElectraNet has faith in the long term viability of the South Australian economy.

The Adelaide Central Reinforcement Program is a major electricity infrastructure development which will establish a high voltage underground electricity transmission line from Torrens Island to a new electricity substation at Keswick Terminal, near the Adelaide CBD. From here, ETSA Utilities will connect to its lower voltage distribution network around the CBD.

This network expansion will strengthen Adelaide’s electricity supply and provide the opportunity to achieve long term growth plans for Adelaide and South Australia. Considering and supporting the future growth of Adelaide, the South Australian Electricity Transmission Code requires ElectraNet to provide the additional electricity supply by December 2011.

Recognising the large number of individuals, businesses, councils, government agencies and community stakeholders with an interest in this important infrastructure project, ElectraNet has commenced briefing stakeholders on the proposed route of the transmission line and new substation location. This initial phase of engagement with stakeholders including key state government agencies, local councils and key businesses has assisted ElectraNet to identify the most feasible option.

The next phase of engagement with the community will provide ElectraNet with valuable feedback to refine the development prior to lodging an application for development approval with the Development Assessment Commission.

To ensure the best outcome for the community, ElectraNet has determined the route for the transmission line which provides the greatest level of community benefit, including minimising any impacts by under-grounding the line.

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Electricity. Some people make it, sell it or regulate it. At ElectraNet, we move it. ElectraNet is a regulated Transmission Network Service Provider, who owns and manages the South Australian transmission system in the National Electricity Market.
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Electranet's Mr Ian Stirling says, “This expansion will strengthen Adelaide’s electricity supply and provide the opportunity to achieve long term growth plans for Adelaide and South Australia.” Please call or email me for further details and interviews.


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