Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
Melbourne 27th July 2011. The ACS Foundation has developed a new web site ( to enable secondary school teachers, careers advisors and schools to register their interest to get speakers from a variety of industries to visit them to talk to their students about different careers, particularly within the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry.

The web site was launched at the VITTA (Victorian IT Teachers Association) ICT and Careers Expo, co-hosted with ACS Victoria, which is being held at Federation Square in Melbourne today. The event attracted more than 1,100 Victorian school students.

John Debrincat, Chairman of the ACS Foundation, said, “We identified a need to approach this issue strategically rather than tactically as it had been in the past. While industry, associations, individuals and tertiary educators were happy to assist and talk to students, identifying those schools that had a need or an interest was very difficult.

“Now schools will have a single point of contact through the ACS Foundation to ask for assistance in getting industry speakers for their post-school career and study days and their annual presentation ceremonies,” Debrincat advised. “The Foundation will be able to connect people from industry who are willing to present information and guidance on ICT study and careers to schools.”

Penny Coulter, Chair of the Organising Committee of the National ICT Careers Week, said that she was very pleased to see this solution to provide secondary school students with more quality career information, especially in ICT. “In the past, I believe the industry has suffered due to a lack of qualitative career information being available for students; it is a very broad and dynamic industry covering virtually every aspect of life, so it is impossible to expect career advisors and teachers to be knowledgeable about every aspect,” she said.

John Debrincat welcomed the support and participation of the AIIA (Australian Information Industry Association). Chief Executive Officer, Ian Birks, said that AIIA welcomed this new initiative.

“AIIA members will be wholeheartedly supporting it by seeking and providing speakers from within its ICT firms. We are particularly interested in having younger people present themselves as speakers as they are close to the age group of school students and have recently studied at university or TAFE.

“The AIIA endorsed the ACS Foundation in 2005, as an initiative of the ICT industry, and many AIIA members provide scholarships through the ACS Foundation for students studying ICT and looking to pursue a career in the industry,” Birks said.

John Debrincat said, “The concept behind the web site is that secondary schools through their teachers and careers advisors are able to indicate an interest in having someone visit the school to address their students on certain careers. Ideally many visits can be conducted by previous students of the school, and so will help the students to better relate to the opportunities in ICT."

Schools will also be able to raise awareness of their career events that will help them attract more organisations to participate.


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