Friday, May 15th, 2009

ChronoLogic, an Adelaide-based technology innovation company has recently released details of it’s new Cross-Platform Synchronization technology that enables hybrid test and measurement setups. This breakthrough technology will enable users to combine LXI, PXI or VXI equipment, with plug-and-play USB modules in a distributed and synchronous test environment.

For years test engineers have struggled with poor inter-operability between different instrumentation standards. With a large installed base of VXI equipment, the strong market presence of PXI, and the emerging new LXI standard, engineers now have access to a wide range of test equipment offering varying levels of timing and synchronization.

Rack-based instrumentation standards such as PXI and VXI, while offering tight timing and synchronization, are limited by their lack of distribution and flexibility. They are also subject to high infrastructure costs, due to the need for a timing backplane for synchronization. In contrast the emerging LXI standard offers flexibility and distribution of equipment; however it does not offer the level of synchronization required for many high precision applications.

ChronoLogic’s CTO Dr. Peter Foster says “the release of our Cross-Platform Synchronization technology allows users to combine equipment from these existing standards with USB-inSync™ devices which provide nano-second synchronization in a distributed and flexible environment”. For example, test engineers can extend the precision timing offered by PXI outside the rack into a distributed laboratory environment with USB connectivity. In another example, LXI equipment can be used as a widely distributed backplane, while USB-inSync™ creates a local precision timing environment that is synchronous with the wider network. This new technology manifests itself in a PCI or PXI card, which is installed into the user’s computer, and acts as a bridge between the two interfaces.

ChronoLogic is currently in the final stages of development of its first Cross-Platform Synchronization device; the CL3000 - Universal Timing Bridge. The CL3000 is a PCI card with 2 USB ports and 1 Ethernet port. The CL3000 synchronizes ChronoLogic’s USB-inSync™ platform with IEEE-1588 (Ethernet), as well as providing a highly accurate clock source for external devices or entire systems. It will also provide support for IRIG and GPS time codes, enabling seamless integration within any timing environment.

The CL3000 is scheduled for release in the 2nd half of 2009, with a PXI card that synchronizes USB-inSync™ with the PXI platform to follow soon after.

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ChronoLogic Pty Ltd

ChronoLogic is a subsidiary of Silex Systems (ASX: SLX), one of Australia’s premier technology companies. All of ChronoLogic’s business operations are conducted from their head office in Adelaide, South Australia.

ChronoLogic is devoted to providing the world’s best precision timing systems in a universal distributed platform, and is focused on developing precision timing and synchronization technology for the Test & Measurement and Process Automation markets.
Dr. Peter Foster, Chief Technology Officer
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ChronoLogic releases details of it’s new Cross-Platform Synchronization technology that will enable users to create hybrid test setups using multiple synchronous platforms.


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