Thursday, July 21st, 2011

National energy advisory organisation Energy Efficient Building Australia has announced the first business precinct in Australia to declare its intention to become carbon neutral by 2020.

The Grote Business Precinct, which consists of approximately 400 businesses in the Grote Street area, is undertaking the Carbon Neutral Communities program to measure its carbon footprint, become energy efficient and reduce emissions. Businesses in the area, including CMI Toyota, Eynesbury College, Guide Dogs SA and Ethnic Broadcasters, have agreed to the charter, announced last night by Adelaide Lord Mayor, The Right Honourable Stephen Yarwood.

Energy Efficient Building has been working with Energy Assessors and sustainable suppliers and services within the building industry around Australia to introduce the concept of Carbon Neutral Communities to councils, business and sustainability groups.

Grote Business Precinct President Mr Bill Marles says, “The time for talk is over. It’s time to take positive action. The Grote Business Precinct together with Carbon Neutral Communities are measuring up, and are determined to become carbon neutral by 2020.”

Mr Dennis Hensman of Energy Efficient Building Australia Pty Ltd says, “Whilst the Government is in the process of introducing a carbon tax, the real opportunity for small business and the general public will come through self empowerment and knowing how to reduce their own energy usage. This can only be achieved by a grass roots education process and that is why we have designed the Carbon Neutral Communities program. Once people realise they can make significant cost savings and benefit the environment at the same time, they will be motivated to take action.”

About Carbon Neutral Communities

The International Energy Agency has stated that ‘energy efficiency could deliver 65 per cent of all the global greenhouse gas abatement needed to reach a target of 450 parts per million of CO2’¹.
The Carbon Neutral Communities program has 4 main steps: -
• Measure – to an IS0 14064 standard
• Educate- workshops and seminars covering a range energy efficient subjects
• Sharing experiences – working together as a community
• Encouragement - reducing energy bills, saving money, achieving a goal

For more information, please contact:
Pam Hensman Ph: 08 8223 7400

Supporters of the Grote Street Carbon Neutral Community include:

Adelaide Lord Mayor, The Right Honourable Stephen Yarwood

Deputy Premier The Honourable John Rau
Member for Adelaide, Ms Rachel Sanderson
Leader of the Opposition, Ms Isobel Redmond
Adelaide City Councillors and business leaders

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