Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

A recent survey of 71 Australian exporters, conducted by TridentGLOBAL and the Australian Institute of Export, reveals that increased international trade is driving exporters to revamp current export management practices.

In an environment of growing global operations, over 60 per cent of the exporters surveyed reported that export revenues have increased by more than 25 per cent over the past year. And despite the challenges presented by the increased value of the Australian dollar and increased international trade costs, the overwhelming majority of exporters surveyed remain confident about future prospects – reporting that they were intending to grow export revenues over the next year.

However, many exporters report that they are unprepared to support increased scale of operations without a corresponding increase in staff numbers. Close to half of those surveyed still manage global trade and logistics using paper-based processes, and a third reported that neither workflow processes nor procedures are documented, let alone automated.

The survey shows that Australian exporters do intend to implement business process improvements and technologies over the next year that will enable them to address the challenges they currently encounter in managing complex international trade processes.

The survey identified that:
• A third of exporters reported that they intended to re-engineer business processes and reduce operational costs.
• Over 60 per cent of respondents cited that they intended to implement business process improvements over the coming year.
• A third of exporters surveyed planned to automate, streamline and better manage export processes using information technology.

Furthermore, a significant percentage of exporters reported that strategic actions related to productivity increases would be among the top actions they would take to realise growth objectives.

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Since inception in 1992, TridentGLOBAL has helped exporters design and implement business process improvements that significantly increase international trade profits and productivity.

By enabling exporters to automate, integrate and streamline their global trade and logistics management processes, and by uniting their people, processes and technologies in ways they may have not considered, TridentGLOBAL global trade and logistics software and professional services provide exporters a comprehensive response to the challenges they encounter in managing complex international trade processes.
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Australian Institute of Export

Established in 1957, the Australian Institute of Export (AIEx) has become the leading Australian industry body for International Trade.

Through its various initiatives, the AIEx has assisted tens of thousands of companies, of all sizes and across all industry sectors, to develop and grow their business in the international marketplace.

The AIEX collaborates with the export and import community to ensure that Australian companies receive the support they need to successfully compete on the international stage.

As a non-for-profit organisation, AIEx works closely with government and the private sector to drive the development of our Australian resources internationally.
Lisa McAuley
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