Friday, July 15th, 2011
Vending machines were made to provide people with items such as snacks, cold drinks, beverages, chocolates and many more food items in their workplace or in the homes.

Since its making vending machines has gone through a lane of significant changes in order to provide better facilities to its customers. Machines are still being evolved to become able to take credit cards, detect thefts etc facilities. Vending machine companies are evolving its capability so that it can begin to monitor a machine's state from far distance.

The needs of the customers, easy usability of machines, better security and safety of vending machines are the key reasons for its fast innovative evolution.

Many more innovations have been lead down be it in the machine, the industry or the services provided by the companies to satisfy the needs of customers.

SVA Vending Services team provides state of the art vending machines with the advance and easy to use features which results in better user experience while purchasing snack, drink or any food item from our vending machines.

SVA is now providing the following latest technology based Vending Machines:
Drink vending machine: Azkoyen Palma B 5
Drink Vending Machine : Bev Max – Glass Front
Large Capacity Drink Vending Machine - Summit 700
Snack Vending Machine: Azkoyen Palma HZ-87
Snack Vending Machine AP-933
Snack Vending Machines- Mercato 5000 – 40 Select
Combination Vending Machines: NECTA-Rondo
Combination Vending Machines: NECTA-Snakky Max
Combination Vending Machines: SVA 3000A
Combination Vending Machines: SVA 5000A

Please feel free to browse our website to read more about this machines.

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