Friday, July 15th, 2011

New Product Addresses User Demand for Powerful, Easy to Use and Affordable Log and Event Management Solution

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire) - SolarWinds® (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, announced today the immediate availability of SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM), a new product based on the technology obtained through its acquisition of TriGeo Network Security, Inc. The new SolarWinds Log & Event Manager will be available starting at around $4500, making it one of the most affordable and comprehensive log and event management offerings available.

"SolarWinds LEM serves a critical need for IT professionals tasked with managing their companies' critical IT infrastructure. There are very few products in this market that offer our unique value proposition: a scalable solution, with a rich and powerful feature set, great user experience, and a price that makes it accessible to nearly everyone," said Suku Krishnaraj, SolarWinds' SVP, Product Strategy. "The addition of log and event management to our product portfolio is a response to the needs of the IT community for products that actually solve their IT management problems."

IT managers recognize that log management and log analysis are an essential element of any broad IT management strategy. While availability and performance continue to be top priorities, system administrators and network engineers are increasingly tasked with reporting on compliance as well as security-related responsibilities such as managing user accounts, setting privileges, enabling file auditing, setting firewall rules, etc. SolarWinds LEM combines log management, event correlation and ad hoc search to give IT organizations the ability to collect large volumes of data from virtually any device on the network and correlate that data in real-time. IT professionals can quickly and easily visualize log data and utilize advanced search features to support:

1. Availability and performance monitoring & troubleshooting - Logs are a rich source of data for troubleshooting problems, and being able to see logs from multiple sources around specific incidents is key to solving performance problems for both infrastructure and applications.

2. Compliance verification - Compliance with both internal policies and regulatory requirements -- such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and SOX -- introduces significant complexity for IT professionals. Real-time log analysis and event correlation is a critical factor in the ability to verify compliance and to quickly uncover policy violations.

3. Security - From both a real-time and a forensic perspective, logs provide a rich source of information on security incidents. Active responses are a key factor in being able to identify and react to security issues as they are occurring, not just after the fact.

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager highlights:

         Proactive Log Analysis - Automate collecting, normalizing and interpreting logs from a wide variety of devices with real-time log analysis, interactive data visualization and built-in knowledge.

         Real-time Event Correlation - Correlate events from the network, systems, applications, virtual machines and storage infrastructure with nearly 700 built-in correlation rules and a customizable rule-builder to create and share rules with other IT admins.

         Ad Hoc IT Search - Use a unique Word Cloud, along with treemaps, bubble charts and histograms to visualize search data and understand how to take action on it.

         Active Response & Threat Mitigation - Mitigate threats and take actions like quarantining infected machines, blocking IP addresses, disabling user accounts, killing unauthorized processes, restarting services, and more.

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Video: Overview of SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

Pricing and Availability

SolarWinds LEM is available now and pricing starts at $4,495 for 30 nodes, with the first year of maintenance included. For more information, visit the SolarWinds website or call 866.530.8100.

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