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Businesses looking to experience growth often come to a point where they need a better system to manage their increased information load. BizCentric are able to do this by providing software solutions tailored to suit needs of organisations both large and small in size. A broad range of software is offered by BizCentric however their focus is currently on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.

Open ERP is an open source software application that allows you to combine all your operating procedures into one easy to use system. It divides each business process into modules which share information with one another, eliminating the need to manually enter information into each separate system. Open ERP offers a broad range of modules including CRM, point of sale, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, invoicing, warehouse and accounting. Within each module is a highly comprehensive array of functions designed to help manage everything relating to that aspect of your business. Each module then integrates with other modules and is able to share information and create statistical reports.

When a business purchases an open ERP package, the system is customised to suit the individual needs of the business. There are currently 750 different customised modules that can be used in Open ERP and can very specifically suit your business model. Modules can be added and removed so that you only pay for what you need.

There are many advantages to using an ERP system. Increased efficiency is an obvious one, with the transfer of data between the systems eliminating the need to manually enter data into individual systems. This saves a lot of time in administration. Another major advantage is the system is installed on a cloud; therefore it can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. Using an Open ERP solution provided by BizCentric is specifically tailored to fit with Australian accounting standards, which is not the case with some ERP systems.

For those organisations requiring a less extensive system but still needing something more than they currently have, a CRM is a good way to go. The CRM system is a module of the ERP system, however it is understood that not all organisations have the budget and need for something that large. Therefore BizCentric are able to offer the CRM as a stand alone system. This system provides everything that other CRM systems provide but at a much more competitive price.

The CRM features every aspect of the customer life cycle, from creating leads to statistical analysis. Every conceivable way of creating a lead can be integrated into the CRM and recorded in its database. Websites contact forms can automatically be sent through to the CRM and saved as a lead. This can also be done using the Outlook integration. Notes can be made on each lead and reminders set to contact them or set up meetings. Once a lead has been determined to be a potential customer, they can then be upgraded to the ‘customer’ category and notes can be made on the details of their involvement with the business. Even when regular customers are recorded in the database, it is still possible to back track to how they progressed from a lead to a customer through the ‘history’ tab. There is an abundance of other features that can help you manage and keep track of customers; from scheduling meetings with a simple drag and drop to the calendar and logging a call. As with the full version of Open ERP, the possibilities are endless.

For organisations who already have a strong CRM system in place; and who use either the Xero or Saasu accounting software packages, there is a solution for you too. BizCentric offer a subscription based integration between Vtiger CRM and either the Xero or Saasu accounting software packages. This product provides the missing communication link between these two essential business functions. Businesses using this package are able to save time by eliminating the need to manually enter information into each system; and therefore achieving a higher level of efficiency. This eliminates the need to double handle data between each system and removes the risk of data loss between functions. The integration link also allows you to make correlations between the data and create reports.

When purchasing a software solution from BizCentric, you deal with both software and business experts. Together you can work out a solution that best suits your business within the allotted budget. As previously mentioned; systems are hosted on a cloud based platform, allowing you to access them from anywhere. Hosting sites are mirrored to other locations in order to provide security for your data, with a top class risk management system. There is also a 24/7 support chat service, with an expert able to answer your queries any day of the week.

If your business is expanding, it is important to put the right systems in place in order to efficiently handle increased information load. BizCentric; and their team of experts, are able to do so with state of the art systems at a competitive price. Whether it is an ERP system, or something less extensive; BizCentric lead the way in cost effective software solutions for businesses.
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