Thursday, July 14th, 2011
A bit like deja vu all over again? Brendon Booth and Warwick Peel, the co-founders of sustainability search firm pb Human Capital, warn that the impending Carbon Tax slated for July 2012 will cause an un-anticipated skills shortage across the nation.

“We’re talking about the single greatest change in our workforce since industrialisation,” Peel states. “Coal power replaced by clean energy, the up-take of electric cars, changing manufacturing sector towards cleantech, everything.”

Booth anticipates that it’s not just those in the manufacturing sector who will need to shift their thinking. “Most corporates already have a strong focus on improving sustainability,” he says, “but for emissions intensive trade exposed businesses, there is a need to develop whole new group functions around emissions reduction, carbon management and trading.”

There’s no doubt much of the talent will come from off shore, Peel continues, with the EU’s ETS now a mature trading platform. “But carbon is one of the industries that have maintained consistent growth in the EU economy, so salary pressures will probably mean people are chosen from ‘like’ industries.”

So how can businesses best prepare for the upcoming Carbon Tax skills shortage? “Plan early,” states Peel. “Hire keen people internally, and train them up, or hire from those who developed teams when the original CPRS was looking likely.

Universities are also doing their bit, says Booth. “By 2012 there will be a big pool of carbon-ready graduates to choose from, including those with Masters and PhD qualifications and heaps of real-world experience.”

The most important thing? “Do something proactive, and do it soon.” Peel says. “The greatest mistake businesses will make is waiting until July 2012 to do anything and being caught short.”

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