Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

As SharePoint exponentially increases in popularity, many organisations are looking to introduce and adopt the system into their processes. To ensure the successful implementation of SharePoint, organisations must investigate the reasons surrounding the failure of SharePoint projects and plan accordingly to ensure these issues do not arise.

Like many IT projects, the implementation of SharePoint can be overshadowed by a number of factors such as poor planning, inadequate training and lack of project definition. Project managers need to be aware of how these issues will affect the adoption of SharePoint.

“When implementing SharePoint projects, organisations will face a multitude of issues that may initially seem standard across many industries. However, when analysed more carefully, it will become clear that each issue will need to be resolved differently according to the SharePoint project being executed”, explained Brett Raven, Business Solutions Consultant of Solentive Systems.

The main reasons:

  • Some organisations do not utilise SharePoint correctly because they do not understand the diverse feature-set that SharePoint can offer
  • Often, employees have limited experience with SharePoint and require comprehensive training to successfully use the system. Organisations need to ensure they provide the adequate training employees require.
  • The implementation of SharePoint is usually undertaken by IT. IT departments have been accused of establishing infrastructures that are too technical and cannot be used by all stakeholders of the business.
  • SharePoint projects begin in one department and never extend to the rest of the organisation because there is not enough support or sponsorship provided.


“The main lesson that organisations need to learn is the value of planning. In order to successfully deploy SharePoint within an organisation, appropriate plans for the adoption, training and support of the project must occur.

“Organisations should also be aware of the pitfalls and expectations of SharePoint before they commit resources to any SharePoint project. It may be worth your while to seek specialist advice before beginning such an implementation”, concluded Brett.

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