Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
For organisations to succeed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, it is a key requirement that they respond quickly to market changes. As organisations continue to be bombarded with a large inflow of data, they are finding it more difficult to process information in a limited timeframe to make informed decisions. So, what can organisations do to ensure more efficient decisions are made?

“A Decision Support System is a software application that can be used to analyse data from a wide range of sources. Organisations benefit from the ability to evaluate hundreds of scenarios faster than traditional methods”, stated Brett Raven, Business Solutions Consultant of systems integration specialist, Solentive Systems.

“The timing and quality of important operational decisions is enhanced as employees access different scenarios that may deliver the optimal solution based on the situational data provided by the Decision Support System.

“Within these systems, decisions are automated which reduces the costs associated with gathering and analysing information. Additionally, organisations are protected against incorrect decisions made through human error as automated decisions ensure more stringent and consistent processes are followed across the enterprise.

“Another key aspect of Decision Support Systems is the ability to identify and rectify faults within the process quickly due to the increased visibility attained from the system. This allows organisations to make more targeted decisions.

“A business rules engine such as InRule can be used across an organisation to create dynamic decision points based on the information provided by a Decision Support System. In theory, the rules embedded in the rules engine are used as the driving force in decision-making logic across an organisation.

“Information gathered by Decision Support Systems are used to update rules in the business rules engine. This enables more targeted decisions to be applied across the organisation, thus resulting in more automated and consistent decision-making processes.

“Organisations wishing to gain a competitive advantage in the ever changing marketplace should consider investing in a Decision Support System coupled with a leading business rules engine such as InRule”, concluded Brett.

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