Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
Organisations aiming to increase lead conversion rates are constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap between their sales and marketing departments. Recent studies have shown that leads are more likely to react positively towards an organisation if the time between an initial call and a follow-up call is minimised.

“Organisations should strive to initiate the first call within 24 hours as this is the initial point of contact and could represent a crucial advantage”, stated Brett Raven, Business Solutions Consultant of systems integration specialists, Solentive Systems.

“By reducing the response time and providing a higher level of customer service, prospects are more likely to identify with your organisation and be more attentive. This provides a sense of loyalty and often creates strong social and psychological ties with the organisation which come into play when comparisons are made with competing offers.

“Prospects have a greater likelihood of converting into leads if friction in the sales process is kept at a minimum. Reducing response time and the number of enquiries needed to find a desired product or service are just a few tactics that can be used.

“In order to follow up leads in a timely manner, organisations will need to enforce stringent processes that focus on customer service. The easiest way to do this is through a CRM system which provides auditability to ensure processes are followed. A good CRM system will capture the customer’s details as well as the conversations that occur between the organisation and their customers.”

“Marketing and Sales go hand-in-hand and neither should be seen as a separate department. When used in conjunction with one another, both have the ability to engage beneficial consumer experiences which could provide an advantageous position for both organisations and consumers alike”, concluded Brett.

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