Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Los Angeles — At the Microsoft World Wide Partner conference, Australian company UberGlobal (Uber) has released an anticipated Government Community Cloud White Paper, the result of six months of high level engagement with Microsoft Corp., Parallels and an existing Federal Government customer.

The white paper can be downloaded from http://www.uber.com.au/blog

This comes with a joint announcement from Microsoft and Parallels that they will enter a two year Health Cloud Community Automation (HCCA) partnership. UberGlobal’s Government Community Cloud Environments will be used to help document reference architecture for Hyper-V deployments under the worldwide HCCA. The international press release relating to that announcement is also available via http://www.uber.com.au/blog/

Uber has played a role in a number of high profile launches, gaining a reputation for mission critical Government hosting. The draft Murray Darling Basin Plan, www.MyHospitals.gov.au and even the recently launched www.CleanEnergyFuture.gov.au website have all been backed by the robust architecture of Uber’s hosting platform. The announcements today are both evidence that Uber is helping to define a world standard for the provision of Government Community Cloud services.

Uber has developed secure Government Community Cloud environments which span Canberra and Sydney at both the IN CONFIDENCE and PROTECTED levels. So far, Uber has received requests to provision more than 150 virtual servers within its Government Community Cloud  environments. Uber’s Government and Public Cloud environments both provide customers with a mix of Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service.

“As the hosting provider for a number of high profile public sector customers in Australia, Uber has made significant investments in technology developed by both Microsoft and Parallels. By managing the technology and customer experience through Parallels Automation, while completely satisfying the requirements of enterprise deployments through the reliability and performance of Microsoft solutions, UberGlobal is uniquely placed to succeed as a part of the Health Community Cloud Automation relationship.”  Brian Sharpe, CEO UberGlobal Enterprise

“The role of UberGlobal is to empower our customers through simplifying IT and making it accessible. While Hyper-V integration for critical infrastructure hosting is important, with Parallels Automation we also have a simple and accessible way to provide businesses with a wide and growing array of hosted software services. For customers with complex organization structures we can easily allocate and track services across complex department structures, significantly simplifying the management of their IT systems.” Brian Sharpe, CEO UberGlobal Enterprise

“UberGlobal hosts tens of thousands of business and enterprise customers on a managed platform which supports a mix of shared, dedicated physical and dedicated virtual servers. Hyper-V has effectively come pre-selected as the hypervisor of choice for our Government Community Cloud environments due to its integration with Parallels Automation, its low cost per virtual machine and the support we can leverage with Microsoft. For our public sector customers they gain significant confidence from knowing we are providing them with a 100% Microsoft solution.” Dwayne Varey, CTO UberGlobal

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UberGlobal is Australia’s third largest web service provider by market share, delivering services to over 100,000 organisations nationwide. Uber operates in both the business and consumer segments providing domain name registration, Software as a Service (SaaS) and web hosting services through its Jumba and AussieHQ brands. Uber also operates in the enterprise segment providing large scale secure hosting to corporate and government clients via its UberGlobal Enterprise brand. Uber was ranked 32nd in the BRW Fast 100 in 2009, and 38th in 2010.
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