Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Many people in today’s society are unaware of how drastically every day events affect the environment. Shipping containers of all varieties have had a major impact on the environment we live in. Moving goods of all kinds can take a significant toll on the environment. For example, cargo ships used to haul two-thirds of all goods purchased by the United States to shore are responsible for fourteen percent of the nitrogen emissions and sixteen percent of all sulfur emissions from dangerous fossil fuels that over time have proven to be a deadly threat to our planet.

However, we can help our planet by re-using shipping containers and ultimately sustain recycling. Shipping containers often used in hundreds of projects around the world, for many different purposes. Some of these projects include shipping container homes, apartment complexes, offices, labs, shopping centers, schools, a wide variety of retail shops, sports clubs, living accommodations for both on and offshore industries, and banks.

The more we find other uses for shipping containers and recycle them, the more we will help our planet by reducing pollution and other environmental threats. Shipping containers can be easily reused in only a few simple steps and can help home building by providing a majority of the supplies. Shipping containers can also provide housing and shelter for people in need, as the number continues to increase at an alarming rate. When used together with factory steel and even lumber, shipping containers can be used as the building blocks, or modular units for a home or construction site. Reusing shipping containers is not only beneficial to the planet as it reduces a huge amount of waste, but also offer notable benefits to homeowners who choose to use reuse shipping containers and make them into homes. Shipping containers have proven to be extremely safe and durable, and are easy to use when choosing the desired design of the home.

Creating a home with a reusable shipping container will result in clean lines and a modern design. An unbelievable amount of time and labor is saved during the overall home-building process due to the self-stability of the containers, including beams and stout with marine-grade plywood flooring already in place to ensure long-lasting safety, stability, and durability. In conclusion, there are absolutely no downsides in reusing shipping containers for whatever we might need, while protecting our planet and the valuable resources it provides.


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