Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
When purchasing alcohol, ‘good value’ is an important factor among alcohol buyers, followed by proximity (‘close to home’), ‘good range’ and ‘has all the brands I want.’ For younger buyers (aged 18-34) these factors are even more important - according to the latest Roy Morgan consumer poll data.

As of March 2011, 74% of young alcohol buyers (aged 18-34) said ‘good value’ was most important, followed by ‘close to home’ (64%), ‘good range’ (49%) and ‘has all the brands I want’ (40%).

Factors Considered Most Important in Purchasing Alcohol

Purchase detailed Roy Morgan Alcohol Consumer Profiles
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Australian Population 18+ who bought alcohol in last 4 weeks, April 10 - Mar 11, n = 8,904.

When looking at those from the 18-34 year age group who had purchased alcohol in the past four weeks, there is little gender difference in regards to the top four factors. Although a retailer offering ‘low beer prices’ is much more important to young male buyers (42%) than young female buyers (27%). While ‘low wine prices’ is more important to young female buyers (32%) than their young male counterparts (19%).

Also, a greater proportion of 18-34 year old females nominated staff and service factors (‘helpful staff,’ ‘staff have good product knowledge,’ ‘good service at checkouts’) as most important when buying alcohol.

Factors Considered Most Important for Purchasing Alcohol - Gender Differences Among 18-34 Year Olds

Purchase detailed Roy Morgan Alcohol Consumer Profiles
Source:  Roy Morgan Single Source, Australian Population 18-34 who bought alcohol in last 4 weeks, April 10 - March 11, n = 1,211.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Good value stands out as the most important factor to young consumers when buying alcohol, with nearly three-in-four respondents nominating it a most important factor. Price and value continue to be influential in purchasing decisions, especially in this younger age group.

“There does seem to be a noticeable trend where higher proportions of young female alcohol buyers – compared with male buyers -  are placing importance on the service of staff during their purchase of alcohol. These findings are interesting as 82% of young female buyers and 80% of young male buyers know what they wish to purchase before even entering a liquor store.

“These purchasing attitudes would be of particular interest to alcohol retailers who are already working hard to secure market share in a competitive industry.”

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