Friday, July 8th, 2011
The introduction of the Work Health & Safety Act by 1st January 2012 in all Australian jurisdictions is presenting extraordinary challenges to the way safety risk management is undertaken in Australia.

The new legislation requires a positive demonstration of due diligence, a large paradigm shift from the traditional hazard-based approach encouraged by the current risk management standard and most existing OHS legislation.

Under the old paradigm, hazards are identified, and assessed against risk criteria, and if deficient, action taken. Under the new paradigm, all practicable precautions to deal with all credible critical issues must be identified, and only unjustifiable precautions omitted.

“In essence, the changes are such that most OH&S systems won’t comply with the new legislation.” Richard Robinson, Director, R2A.

It is also the biggest change that most Senior Managers have seen in their careers.

The penalties for non compliance are criminal in nature and severe (jail time and heavy fines) for responsible officers which includes Directors and CEO’s.

R2A, an engineering consulting practice, have released a Whitepaper explaining the issue. The Whitepaper can be read here -

R2A are also running workshops in July to explain the new WHS Act and how to positively demonstrate safety due diligence in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. More details can be found here -

For further information or to organise a private briefing please contact Richard Robinson

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