Friday, March 22nd, 2013

On my trip to New Zealand, I wanted to see both North Island and South Island. I first stayed in Wellington, the southern tip of North Island. Upon arrival to New Zealand, my baggage was lost through the flight. It was a good idea to get Australian travel insurance before my trip. I almost wasn't going to get Travel Insurance because it's just an extra expense, but because I was able to find cheap travel insurance, I bought it. If not, I wouldn't have been able to get an emergency refill of my prescription that I had in my checked bag.

Although I didn't have my luggage for the first 24 hours, I still had my wallet and a few things I brought in a carry-on, so I was able to carry on alright the first day. One of the first things I did was take a tour through the Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa, which is free to enter, but you do have to pay for some of the short-term exhibits. The museum has a lot of interactive displays where you can learn about the country's history.

After brushing up on my New Zealand history, I hit the beach. Snorkeling has always been fun, and it's even more enjoyable in crystal clear waters like New Zealand's, so I hit a shop where I could rent some flippers and snorkeling gear. The water was warm and the pretty sea-green color was beautiful. I was able to see some of the native fish in the area, like the Splendid Perch and the Golden Snapper.

Once I got my baggage from the airport, my trip was a breeze. After a couple days in Wellington, I took a boat ride over to South Island and stayed in Blenheim. Some of the places I checked out were Picton Harbor, Ngakuta Bay, and Anakiwa. All the little coves in Grove Arm are beautiful and would be a nice romantic hotspot. The South island is much more secluded and has less to do than relax. Staying in Blenheim gave me a taste of the nightlife I was hoping for, while I spent the days exploring all the secret beaches.

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