Thursday, June 21st, 2018

How to win trust with real (not fake) news...

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Digital News Report 2018Second we wanted to share important new research conducted by the University of Canberra:
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Data from the Australian Digital News Report 2018 shows:

  • Almost three-quarters of Australian news consumers (73%) have experienced fake news and are very concerned about it.
  • Poor journalism (40%) is the most commonly experienced type of fake news but news consumers are most worried about politically and commercially fabricated stories (67%).
  • Most respondents (81%) believe that media companies and journalists have responsibility to stop the problem of fake news.
  • The majority (68%) also believed the government can do more to combat fake news.

Political Views

  • Australians worry about how others will think of hem if they express their political views online;
  • 45% of news consumers are concerned that expressing their political views on social media could change the way their family and friends think about them.
  • Younger people are more worried (58% of 25-34 year olds).
  • Trust in news has risen to 50% (+8%). 55% (+7%) trust the news they use most of the time. In contrast, only 24% of news consumers trust news they find in social media and 39% trust news they find via search engines.
This is a very comprehensive report - read more here:


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