Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Another year, another opportunity for great media coverage...

Another year draws to a close, and another opportunity opens for great media coverage ... your Media Survey and Special End of Financial Year offer are enclosed.

You may have read about our survey on LinkedIn and other channels, but I thought it would be useful as a reminder of what journalists actually say about your press releases!

Download Media Report - How Journalists make decisions about your Press  Releases.
  • Find out what journalists really want
  • Write more effective press releases
  • Download the Media Survey - in their own words!

Get ready to reach the most influential people in Australia with our special End of Financial Year Offer.   

Offer 1:  Send Online Press Releases throughout the year* for just $650!

Offer 2:  Send your Press Releases to Unlimited* Media Lists throughout the year - usually $700 per month, this offer $2450 for the entire year. 

*These offers are for the registered account and subject to fair and reasonable use. Please read our Content Terms