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Poly (1-Decene) (CAS No: 68037-01-4) is synthetic product with molecular formula [CH2CH[(CH2)7CH3]]n. It is also referred to as hydrogenated poly-1-decene and hydrogenated decene homopolymer. It is a mixture of synthetic branched-chain hydrocarbons (isoparaffins) which are synthesized by the oligomerization of 1-decene to the tri-decene, tetra-decene, and penta-decene molecules followed by hydrogenation to full saturation of the oligomer. It  has a well-defined composition which contains 1-9% hexamer, 42-61% tetramer, 12-23% pentamer, 16-35% trimer and dimer concentration less than 1%. Commercially, one of the major application areas for Poly (1-Decene) is polishing or glazing agent in dry fruits and sugar confectionary such as jellies and fruit gums. Moreover, Poly (1-Decene) also finds application as a lubricating agent in dough-dividing machines, as a releasing agent in bread tins, and as an anti-foaming and anti-dusting agent.

Poly (1-Decene) Market: Drivers & Restraints

Global Poly (1-Decene) market is expected to witness a moderate single digit growth during the forecast period. This steady growth in consumption of Poly (1-Decene) is expected to be driven, primarily, by increasing demand for food additives from developing economies spearheaded by China. As such, steady growth of end use industry is expected to in turn drive the growth of global Poly (1-Decene) market over the forecast period. On the flip-side, however, relatively weaker economic growth in major markets across the globe in the initial part of the forecast period is likely to impede the growth of global Poly (1-Decene) market in the same period.

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Poly (1-Decene) Market: Segmentation

On the basis of end use, global Poly (1-Decene) market can be segmented into following key market segments:

  • Glazing agent

  • Lubricating agent

  • Releasing agent

The chemical formula for the product is C10nH20n+2 On the basis of Chemical formula, global Poly (1-Decene) market can be segmented into following key market segments:

  • n=3

  • n=4

  • n=5

  • n=6

Among the above indicated end use based segments, glazing agent is expected to retain a major share in overall global Poly (1-Decene) market share during the forecast period. Glazing and Releasing segments are expected to register relatively stronger growths vis-à-vis other segment during the same period

Poly (1-Decene) Market: Region-wise Outlook

On the basis of geographic regions, global Poly (1-Decene) market is segmented into seven key market segments namely North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Among these, Western Europe region accounted for a major share in overall global poly (1-Decene) consumption in 2014 and is expected to witness a steady growth in its consumption during the forecast period. Western Europe region is expected to be followed by Asia Pacific and North America in terms of overall poly (1-decene) consumption volume. Moreover, poly (1-decene) market in Latin America is slated to register a robust growth during the forecast period.

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Poly (1-Decene) Market: Key Players

Some of the key major players operating in the global Poly (1-Decene) market are as follows:   

  • Chevron Philips Chemical Company LLC

  • Sea-Land Chemical Co.

  • Symrise Gmbh & Co.KG

  • Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC.


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