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Hopes were high for 2010 at the start of this year as it seemed the fog of the Global Financial Crisis was finally lifting and shares were finally starting to regain some of their former value. Strong months of February and March seemed to back up this idea and bring some much needed confidence back to the trading floor.

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The end of April brought back plenty of bad memories for share traders as they watched the market tumble 700 points in the space of just over one month. The market, now sitting well below its starting point at the beginning of the year, did little to inspire any collective confidence among traders. The rocky road continued its weaving pathway between June and August, moving frequently without making any firm ground. The year’s low to date occurred at the start of July when the ASX S&P 200 Index hit 4230.

The months of September through November saw the ASX recover somewhat from its mid-year slump but once again failed to make any significant gains or even hit the highs of January and March. Traders will blame the conditions on a number of external factors impacting on the Australian market, chiefly the concerns in Europe over Ireland’s financial system and the ongoing economic woes of both China and the USA.

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Traditionally, the lead up to Christmas in December is generally a bullish period for our sharemarket and Index Traders around Australia, including Regent Markets Pty Ltd (Australia) are gearing up for crazy month of gains to top off the year before 2011. That being said, nobody expects the market to regain the 200 points it needs in December to finish where it started off in January. Still, picking the general direction of the markets alone is more than half the battle won when it comes to Index Trading.

Regent Markets, as the number one Index Trading service provider in Australia, believes that Index Trading is the best overall way to profit from sharemarket movements. The beauty of Index Trading is in the limited risk contracts, immediate payout on profitable trades and ability to make just as much money when the share markets are falling as when they are rising.

Regent Markets Pty Ltd (Australia) is one Aussie company that is positioned perfectly to take advantage of the predicted fluctuations on sharemarkets this December through its Index Trading investments.

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Regent Markets Australia provides a world-leading index trading service for Australian clients. Our investment service has a proven strike rate and profit performance history that never fails to impress.

Over the last seven years it has been our pleasure providing our diverse group of Australian clients with a profitable investment service they can use from the comfort of their computer chairs. Our primary focus as a firm lies in investment services that are accessible to the average Australian. This focus now falls on index trading investments.

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Regent Markets,Regent Markets Pty Ltd,Regent Markets Australia,2011,2010,Index Trading,regent,markets,,, regentmarkets
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Regent Markets,Regent Markets Pty Ltd,Regent Markets Australia,2011,2010,Index Trading,regent,markets,,, regentmarkets



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