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How times have changed. How technology has changed and developed. Classrooms have Smart Boards, cars have inbuilt satellite navigation systems, and the general population can now participate in online social networking on a global level. This kind of innovation has led Australian celebrity DJ, Actor, Music and Film Producer, Alex VB Haddad, to be the first ever in the world to release a full length feature film using the technology available - a mobile phone camera with HD video recording mode.

The film will be shot using three of these mobile phones. With the emergence of a great story line, concocted by Director and Producer Alex VB Haddad, the use of the phones will be optimised in such a way; to create the best possible effects for the film.

Alex's creative mind has set a new bench mark for film making, story line creation, and most importantly; filming time frame. The time frame to shoot the whole feature is 120 hours or five full days. This is another aspect of a feature film that qualifies as a ‘never been done before’. The total budget that has been allocated to complete this one of a kind feature film is a mind-blowing $50,000AUD. Behind The Scenes filming has commenced, and the film is due to be released in Easter 2011.

The name of the feature film is "Follow That Coin"; which gives a hint as to what the story might be about. The project is also set to boast an impressive list of great Australian personalities and celebrities including; Simone Starr (face of Ed Hardy in the USA), Alex VB Haddad himself (who will be producing, directing, and acting in the film), a new girl on the block named Olivia Steifel (speaks five languages fluently), and last but not least, a celebrity personal trainer, who was recently in the media spotlight and rumoured to be Kyle Sandiland's new lover. Obviously these rumours are not true.

The film will also have a couple of mascots. Pinky Pie is one of the mascots of the film, which sends out political, peace and other worthy messages in image formation throughout the film.

“Follow That Coin” is a basic story line, in which the cast and crew follow the journey of a particular coin over a 24 hour period. The Coin does change hands between a variety of people, variety of shops and services. It is the factual journey of a coin being traded in a 24 hour period in Sydney Australia. The great thing about this film is that it doesn't focus on purely the look Australia wants to send out to the rest of the world. As if you walk around the streets of Sydney, there are many different cultures and races, and a coin does change hands between these different people. So it is also a bench mark in Australian film making in having a diverse range of cultures in the film, as this represents the true Australia of today.

The coin travels through some magnificent Sydney landscape and scenery. Areas which tourists would love to come and visit.

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Alex VB Haddad that is the manager of VIP World Entertainment has great expertise in producing films, his other feature film, still currently in production is also the biggest film ever produced in Australia, three and half years in production. So finishing this film in a much shorter time frame would be a great accomplishment. Alex VB Haddad does come from a music background and is a music producer, having produced music for TV, and being a resident DJ at one of Sydney's and Australia's most recognised landmarks, Bondi Hotel at Bondi Beach. As resident DJ there for around seven years, Alex rose to celebrity status, and kept his status as a main support cast actor on an Australian Comedy series.

Alex has produced a number of pilots which are currently awaiting time slots on commercial and paid TV. Alex and VIP World Entertainment are also involved in management and manage a number of profiled artists.
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