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Poetry has the power to open minds and transform lives. According to a study published by the Mail Online, two thirds of participants found reading or listening to poetry helped them be able to relax and feel calm, and 7% weaned themselves off anti-depressants or tranquillisers using poetry, with the help of their GP. This won’t come as a surprise to poetry readers, who understand implicitly that words matter, and that seeing our world thoughtfully and deeply, is not only enlightening, but necessary. Words create images which build expectation, emotion, impressions, and ultimately action. So choosing the right word is important. Poetry goes into the heart of humanity and winkles out all those little shiny bits you’d missed, forgotten, lost.

You are cordially invited to a Book Signing and Reading at Angus & Robertson, Newcastle Mall, Shop 2/147 Hunter Street, Newcastle, Australia, on Tuesday 27 July, 10:30 to 11:30am.

Magdalena Ball will autograph and read sensual, intriguing poems from her latest book Repulsion Thrust, which “explores the intersection between science and life, quantum theory and love, molecules and gamma rays and despair and betrayal.” (Sue Bond, M/C Reviews), and will be joined by Dr Gail Hennessy, who will be reading with her, incorporating poetry from her book Witnessing.

Event highlights will include performance, book signings, candid, open discussion, door prizes, and more. This is a great opportunity to chat, socialize, experience exquisite, life changing poetry, and build your writers network.
“I’m quite stunned by the beauty, eloquence and poetic virtuosity of Gail Hennessy’s Witnessing. Taken as a sequence the poems bear witness to an Australian woman’s life-story.” (Shirley Walker)

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