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Ncryptcellular is an encrypted mobile phone platform that is being fully developed in Australia.

SYDNEY, Australia, July 28, 2015 – Ncryptcellular is a wholly owned Australian company that has announced the introduction of a new range of feature rich encrypted mobile devices to the Australian market. Ncryptcellular is passionate about providing privacy and encryption solutions to the public that are both easy to use and to understand.

The devices come configured with a powerful firewall and an IMSI catcher detector (Detects fake cell towers) and the privacy manager feeds fake data to applications so users cannot be tracked

It is no longer a hard task to engage in private & confidential conversations knowing your communications are encrypted and sent in a way that avoids Meta data from being collected thanks to Ncryptcellular handsets.

Company CTO Alex Kesik announced the handsets saying, "Our initial release is a range of three Android phones that we have modified so users can easily engage in encrypted phone calls, send encrypted messages, send encrypted emails and surf the internet using a secure browser via an anonymous network." He went on to say, “We will be launching several other products over the coming months based on principals of anonymity, privacy and the detection of malicious individuals trying to exploit users privacy.

“The Australian government has recently passed meta data collection laws to give it the ability to perform mass surveillance of its citizens and ridiculous website blocking laws. Meta data retention laws are dangerous as it provides technically untrained people the ability to spy and profile our private lives with ease. Every day Australian citizens may have their digital lives analysed without their knowledge and their private communications violated by government departments that should not have access to this kind of information.

Anyone with a technical understanding of how the internet works knows how to use strong encryption that cant be broken and how to use anonymous networks to avoid surveillance undertaken by the government in order to spy on its citizens. The majority of the population do not have the technical understanding of how to use encryption and anonymous networks correctly, which can leave them open , to be exploited by criminals. Criminals will continue to exploit innocent people for profit and our government will continue to lie to us and use falshoods to create fear to exploit us as we move ever closer towards an orwellian society.

The public needs to become aware & educated on surveliance and the systems the government is implementing to spy on its citizens.

September 15th, 2014 Australian news sites reported NSW Police as using off the shelf hacking software to infect PCs and phones to spy.

July 9th 2014 Australian news sites report that Australian Police were undertaking massive data slurps from cell towers to spy.

Governments all around the world are abusing their powers as has been revealed by Edward Snowden when he leaked private US government documents about NSA spying. Australia has been labelled by the UN as human rights global violators due to our meta data retention laws.

Ncryptcellular is dedicated and focused on providing simple and easy to use solutions for the average person to communicate via an encrypted channel using anonymity networks to avoid meta data collection. The UN recently released a report that refers to encryption as a fundamental and protected right and continues to describe encryption and anonymous networks as being necessary for the exercise of the right to freedom.

Ncryptcellular will continue to educate the public and offer solutions that are easy to use so we can exercise our right to freedom and communicate knowing criminals and the government can’t spy on us no matter how hard they try to weaken our fundamental rights to privacy and seek to exercise overt intervention in our daily life.

For more information about Ncryptcelluar and the phones, please contact:

Michael Gerardis

[email protected]


Editors Notes:

Ncryptcellular is an encrypted mobile phone platform
that is being fully developed in Australia.

We have joined skills and experience to produce a best-of-breed open source applications, hardware with a unique OS, an Android™ based operating system without the usual security compromises. 

Please contact [email protected] or call+ 61 2 9199 8789


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We want to put you back in control of your data.  Ncryptcelluar offers a simple and secure starting point for communication. We combine open source applications with an operating system designed to optimise privacy. We believe this is the best solution for the market today that offers anyone a simple and secure place for their communications without breaking the law.

Ncryptcellular wants to set standards of privacy, within the digital world that soon will become the norm. This is why we love this project. If you want to be continually safe with your data and voice, it’s imperative that we do everything possible to protect it. Security is evolving fast but so are the hackers but this isn’t something we can do alone. This is something we need to do together.

Alex Kesik
P: 02 9199 8787
M: 0422033938
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