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Since 2003 SA digital agency Enabled has been assisting companies develop new technologies and new ways of operating, especially in broadening customer engagement.  While the majority of Enabled’s recent work has been the development of apps for mobile and touch devices, Enabled's digital experts continue to successfully apply their skills to all the major digital platforms.

National and International clients have sought out Enabled; companies with brands that are well known in South Australia – Coca Cola Amatil, Paramount Pictures, ABC, CSIRO, RAA, Clipsal, Healthcare Australia, Seeley International and Coopers Brewery.  Now South Australia’s Universities are calling on Enabled to enrich their digital innovation programs.

Previously Enabled has contributed as mentors in a number of programmes out of Adelaide University’s  Entrepreneurship Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC), including the ThIncLab program.  Now Enabled’s experience is being tapped for the ECIC’s inaugural Australian Tech eChallenge. Staff from Enabled have been running specialised workshops on app development. These workshops have assisted student teams prepare their user interfaces and provide them with the necessary understanding to develop their prototypes.  A key task of Enabled’s involvement is to assist participants to test the validity of their idea.

The Australian eChallenge Program Manager and Business Manager Zrinka Tokic says of Enabled’s contribution, "Students have enjoyed Enabled's mentoring and have found the sessions have simplified what seemed to be a complicated process. ECIC looks forward to continuing relationship with Enabled because of the value that they add to the program."

The genius of the Enabled approach is to illuminate what users of apps are trying to achieve and to use this knowledge to reduce the chance of a failed app.  The controversial startup scene mantra ‘Fail Fast, Fail Often’ has been rejected by Enabled.  Grant Hull asserts that this ‘failure methodology’ should be replaced by careful nurturing and refining of the idea through an ‘Exploration’ phase.

Hull says, "Too many good ideas fail because of inadequate defining of the end users’ Job-to-be-Done. In other words customers confronted by a Job they need to get Done are open to new products and services that help them solve these problematic Jobs. An idea that doesn't solve the Job-to-be-Done is little more than a nice idea, an idea that can solve someone's pain, or solve it better than the current methods, that has true value."

For additional information on Enabled and their approach to digital innovation visit their website  or contact Grant Hull CEO at [email protected] or 8272 6658

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Enabled Solutions

Enabled is an award winning digital innovation company which believes that creating digital innovation that delights and inspires requires a deeply human centric perspective. With this starting point our aim is to help our clients innovate and grow by enabling them to take advantage of new and emerging digital technologies.

Enabled have been heralded as one of Australia’s brightest iPhone app success stories by Australian Macworld, with their first app reaching the 2nd top free app globally, and their second (paid) app reaching number one in the UK. They strive to bring similar success to their clientele, often succeeding. 

CEO Grant Hull
P: 08 8272 6658
M: 0421 846 765


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