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Mid-February can only mean one thing: the annual Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Awards are here again! Honouring businesses that have provided their clients with industry-leading levels of service and satisfaction throughout the year, this much-anticipated event will take place at a gala dinner on Wednesday, 18 February.

Now in their fourth year, the Awards are an important and widely recognised measure of consumer and business satisfaction with companies from several key industries. Results are based on 12 months’ worth of responses from 50,000 consumers and 12,000 business decision-makers around the country.

Celebrating Australia’s shining stars from the Automotive, Finance, Business Finance, Quick Service Restaurants, Retail, Superannuation, Supermarket, Telecommunications, Tourism and Travel and Utilities industries, Roy Morgan Research’s CEO Michele Levine and Deputy CEO Hugh Amoyal will present the following 37 Awards:

  • Car Manufacturer of the Year
  • Bank of the Year
  • Building Society of the Year
  • Credit Union of the Year
  • General Insurer of the Year
  • Major Bank of the Year
  • Private Health Insurer of the Year
  • Risk & Life Insurer of the Year
  • Business Bank of the Year
  • Business Insurer of the Year
  • Business Superannuation Manager of the Year
  • Major Business Bank of the Year
  • Quick Service Restaurant of the Year
  • Auto Store of the Year
  • Chemist/Pharmacy of the Year
  • Clothing Store of the Year
  • Coffee Shop of the Year
  • Department Store of the Year
  • Discount Department of the Year
  • Discount Variety of the Year
  • Furniture/Electrical Store of the Year
  • Hardware Store of the Year
  • Service Station of the Year
  • Shoe Store of the Year
  • Sport Store of the Year
  • Industry Superannuation Fund of the Year
  • Retail Superannuation Fund of the Year
  • Supermarket of the Year
  • Handset Provider of the Year
  • Home Phone Provider of the Year
  • Home Internet Service Provider of the Year
  • Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year
  • Domestic Airline of the Year
  • Domestic Business Airline of the Year
  • International Airline of the Year
  • Electricity Provider of the Year
  • Gas Provider of the Year

The winners of each category in the Annual Customer Satisfaction Awards are those businesses that rated the most highly across the 12 months of 2014, as tracked by Roy Morgan’s Consumer Single Source and Business Single Source surveys.

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“In four short years, the Roy Morgan Annual Customer Satisfaction Awards have become the benchmark for consumer and business satisfaction in this country.

“Judged by the customers themselves, the 37 diverse category awards provide an accurate, objective measure of which businesses are setting the pace when it comes to consistently superior service and quality.

“In today’s environment, where social and mainstream media is quick to name and shame half-hearted (and worse) service, it is vital that excellence is also publicly recognised and celebrated. The Customer Satisfaction Awards do just that — with the best and brightest of 2014 soon to be announced…”

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