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Australians are in the midst of a renovation revolution with popular shows like The Block and The Living Room driving this trend. Renovating is an exciting time but, without a doubt, a major obstacle every renovator will face is in the area of plumbing. When it comes to installing a new bathroom there will always be challenges and that’s why Saniflo has established itself as the global leader in pumps for the bathroom renovation market.

A Saniflo pump allows homeowners and renovators the ability to install a toilet or complete bathroom anywhere in the house without major alterations. It’s simple, reliable and provides a cost-effective alternative to conventional, below the floor plumbing. A Saniflo pump opens the door to endless possibilities and creativity in the renovation process.

Founded in France in 1958, Saniflo is responsible for launching the macerator pump in Australia. The product concept is hugely popular in Europe and the US with a large number of homeowners renovating basements and garages. Aussies however, have been a little slow to catch on, but current trends such as vertical additions, outdoor living spaces, granny flats and garage conversions are now easier than ever with Saniflo products.

“Australian homeowners and renovators can now enjoy greater freedom in designing and renovating their homes using Saniflo’s pump technology. Its low cost application means Australians now have the opportunity to redesign their home and install a toilet or bathroom anywhere they want without the expense of cutting the concrete slab or doing major work” said Matthieu Esprit, Saniflo CEO.

Saniflo pumps are available for a variety of toilet and bathroom applications and more demanding commercial situations. Saniflo pumps are available from plumbing outlets such as Reece and Tradelink, as well as Masters Home Improvement stores. 

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