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Although not always the most popular or exciting category with consumers, banking, insurance and superannuation showed some very positive results in 2013. Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction, measured on a monthly basis, has become a key metric that all Big Four banks report in their annual results.

During 2013, the CBA was the clear winner among the major banks (Big Four), winning in every month and reaching the highest of any major bank over the last 17 years. (While the Customer Satisfaction Awards are only in their third year, Roy Morgan Research has been measuring banking satisfaction since 1996).

Although the Big Four banks achieved record high levels of satisfaction in 2013, they still remained well behind the majority of their smaller competitors, particularly the overall winner of the Bank of the Year, the Victorian Teachers Mutual Bank.

For business banking, Westpac performed the best of the Majors, winning top place for 11 months during the year. Bendigo Bank, however, scored the highest overall.

Complete list of Banking & Finance winners:

  • Bank of the Year                                                             Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank
  • Building Society of the Year                                             Greater Building Society
  • Credit Union of the Year                                                   CUA
  • General Insurer of the Year                                               Defence Service Homes Insurance (DVA)
  • Major Bank of the Year                                                    Commonwealth Bank
  • Private Health Insurer of the Year                                      Teachers Health Fund
  • Risk & Life Insurer of the Year                                          Real Insurance
  • Business Bank of the Year                                               Bendigo Bank
  • Business Insurer of the Year                                             Elders
  • Business Superannuation Manager of the Year                   BT
  • Major Business Bank of the Year                                      Westpac
  • Industry Superannuation Fund of the Year                          Catholic Super
  • Retail Superannuation Fund of the Year                             Plum


Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“The major Australian banks were showing a severe downward trend in customer satisfaction through to 2001 but since that date they have all improved to record levels as they recognised the importance of increasing their customer focus in a highly competitive market where dissatisfied consumers are prepared to switch banks.


“Although most publicity is given to how the Big Four banks perform relative to each other, there are many smaller players who are still setting the pace when it comes to customer satisfaction levels.


“Other segments of the industry, like Managed Funds and Insurance, have increased their focus on customer satisfaction and how they rate relative to their competitors. 


“Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction, the industry standard in the banking industry for many years, is now being adopted by the other sectors as a key performance measure."

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