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Tiinkk, the free crowd-sourcing social media app, continues to generate buzz since launching five days ago. The innovative app reached 1.9million people online in a 24-hour period and is currently sitting at number 26 as the most downloaded free social networking app in Apple’s App Store chart.

With over 1,000 downloads in only four days by users in 52 countries, the broad appeal of Tiinkk is now evident.

21-year-old Perth entrepreneur Josh Winterton, who came up with the idea for Tiinkk, said the response since launching has been overwhelming.

“I am totally stoked with the uptake of Tiinkk so far, it’s incredibly exciting to see people from across the globe taking an interest in this little Aussie app,” Mr Winterton said.

“People are really embracing Tiinkk, there have been some awesome suggestions on how Tiinkk can be used – one Australian media identity suggested it would be a great focus group for politicians, why not?”

Designed to take the burden out of making decisions by sharing choices with friends and followers, Tiinkk also features a time limit function ensuring the opinions you need when it matters most are canvassed in time. 

“There are so many ways Tiinkk can come in handy and add another level of engagement to your life,” he said.

Whether standing in the supermarket trying to decide on a cereal, stuck in a change room choosing between jeans, or posting selfies for help on a hairstyle, Tiinkk will source valued opinions to eliminate indecision.

“This app is actually useful rather than just being another distraction, it’s less show and tell and more focused on genuine interaction,” he said.

Mr Winterton said they are on the verge of launching an android version of the app to satisfy this growing market.

Tiinkk is a free smart phone application developed to meet the needs of a new generation of social networkers, combining the best of photo apps and social networking on a platform that connects friends and followers across the globe in sharing decisions and collecting feedback, in real time.

Mr Winterton partnered with good friends Aaden Halbert and Daniel Porcaro to bring Tiinkk to fruition, with the team refining the idea over the past 15 months.

Tiinkk is available to download in the App Store:

For more information go to, download it at the app store and sign in through Facebook to get Tiinkking. You can also follow Tiinkk on Facebook and Twitter @TiinkkApp.


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