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Recent improvements to online alcohol shopping websites from major retailers will appeal to customers seeking good value and range, the latest research from Roy Morgan Single Source shows.

In the year to June 2013, 71% of Australian adults who bought alcohol in an average four weeks rank ‘Good value’ as an important purchasing factor—but that figure increases to 80% among people who bought alcohol online.

The second most important factor is a ‘Good range’: 47% of all alcohol buyers compared with 56% of online shoppers.

But the biggest gap is on the issue of wine price. Online buyers are 70% more likely to say low wine prices are important. The majority (56%) cite it as a purchasing factor compared with just a third of all alcohol buyers (33%).

With beer prices, however, the difference is less stark: 37% of online buyers vs. 30% of all buyers.

17% of online shoppers say it’s important the retailer has good bulk-buying options; this is important to just 12% of alcohol buyers overall.

Warren Reid, Group Account Manager – Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“These survey results show just how different online shoppers are from traditional alcohol shoppers, with value and range particularly important to those who buy online.

“The shift to online purchasing for Alcohol has—like Grocery—been much slower than for other retail categories. But recently some of the biggest liquor retailers have overhauled their websites to woo customers online with bundle deals and bulk buying offers.

“Wine prices are important to more online buyers than are beer prices. The online wine market is clearly where big barn liquor retailers such as Dan Murphys and First Choice will have to compete more effectively, especially as mainstream consumers start to adopt online as their channel of choice for buying alcohol.

“But this raises very real questions for premium wine brands: is there a risk of devaluing a brand by it being stocked in a ‘discount’ environment?”

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), Jul 2012 – Jun 2013. Base: Australians 18+ who purchased alcohol in the last four weeks n= 8,160; ordered alcohol over the internet n=346

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