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Mitchelton sisters, Amy Freeman and Kirsty McGregor, are celebrating a healthier and happier lifestyle after shedding 76 kilos together and being named the 2013 ‘Family of the Year’ in the Healthy Life Awards.

Amy and Kirsty first began their weight loss journey with Weight Watchers when they realised that they had both gained a substantial amount of weight throughout their respective pregnancies. At the time of joining the program, Amy tipped the scales at 89 kilos and Kirsty at 124 kilos.

Realising the benefits it would bring to their families by leading a healthier lifestyle, the sisters attended their local Weight Watchers group, relying on one another for much-needed support and encouragement.

As they shed the kilos and their confidence in making healthy lifestyle choices grew, both of the sister’s families began to get involved by eating healthier meals and enjoying sports and activities.

Commenting on their weight-loss success and win, Amy said:

“Kirsty and I both knew we needed to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, not only for us, but for our children. We knew we needed to set a good example for our kids because the way we live our lives as individuals affects them. The lifestyle changes we’ve made since joining the program has definitely had a positive impact on our families, as our kids naturally became involved with our new healthy routines. 

“We’re really excited to take home the title of Weight Watchers ‘Family of the Year’ and hope that our story can inspire others and show them that you don’t have to start a weight loss program on your own!” she added.

Speaking at this year’s Awards, Weight Watchers Australasia Managing Director, Joseph Saad says:

“Here at Weight Watchers, we never cease to be amazed at the truly inspiring stories that emerge from our members at the Healthy Life Awards. This year’s entrants have demonstrated how simple lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on health and general well-being. Through their stories, it also shows that no matter what challenges life throws at you, reaching and maintaining health can be achieved.

“With so many success stories to celebrate in 2013, we were faced with the difficult challenge of selecting a winner for the Family category. Although this was a hard decision because of the other deserving entrants, we're thrilled to be awarding Amy and Kirsty McGregor with the Family of the Year title. Their story is a fantastic example of how teamwork, changing habits, positive thinking and perseverance can go a long way to weight loss and health success.”

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Healthy Life Awards
With over 500 remarkable stories submitted from across Australia and New Zealand, entrants to the 2013 Healthy Life Awards have lost a staggering 10,154 kilos! In celebration of each kilogram lost by this year’s entrants, Weight Watchers is donating $10,154 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia and New Zealand.
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The McGregor sisters of Mitchelton shed a combined 76 kilos and receive a national award



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