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Australians in households with kids under 16 are the most likely to have a tablet computer, Roy Morgan Research’s latest quarterly technology adoption data to February 2013 shows—and the more kids, the higher the likelihood.

In two years, the percentage of Australians 14+ that own or use a tablet has more than quadrupled from 7.2% in February 2011 to 33.5% in February 2013—or over 5 million additional tablet users.

People in households including children under 16 are more likely to own tablets than young singles, young couples without kids, or older people with no children in the home.

Overall, 43.0% of people with kids at home have a tablet, compared to 28.7% of people living child-free. 42.1% of people with just one kid at home have a tablet, while those with three or more are the most likely: 45.2% of them.

Andrew Braun, Mobile, Internet and Technology Industry Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“As tablet ownership and usage continues to rise, our research shows a link between the number of children in the household and tablet ownership, especially in the AB Quintile.

“Our latest Young Australian Survey (YAS) showed that almost two out of three Australian children under 13 consider the iPad to be ‘really cool now’, which could be driving the purchase behaviour of their parents.

“It’s important for technology retailers, media companies and digital content providers to understand how households choose, buy and share devices: which members prompt the initial purchase and who makes the final decision; who are the household’s ‘early adopters’ of the device; and who are its primary and secondary users."



Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), December 2012 – February 2013, n = 4,586.

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