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Unlike conventional romances, which tend to fizzle out with time, Australia’s love affair with the internet just keeps intensifying. Aussies are spending more time online than ever - but there's still a place for traditional media. 

Unlike conventional romances, which can be prone to fizzling out with time, Australia’s love affair with the internet just keeps intensifying. In the last three years, the number of switched-on Aussies aged 14+, ie. those who spend more than 15 hours on the internet per week, has shot up by 50% to almost 7.4 million (or 39% of the population).

But this doesn’t mean they’re abandoning traditional media. According to the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research, these heavy internet users continue to watch TV, go to the movies and read print editions of magazines and newspapers on top of their web-based activities.

Offline media still appealing

Almost 90% of people who spend 15 or more hours online watch weekday commercial TV as well — with 22% of them clocking up 3+ hours viewing per day. Older internet users (aged 50-64) are the age group most likely to watch a lot of commercial TV.

Meanwhile, 70% of heavy internet users also read magazines, with those from the 35-49 and 50-64 age groups being the most avid readers.

And the younger generations, for whom a world without the web is practically inconceivable? Besides comprising almost 30% of all heavy internet users, 14-24 year-olds are keen cinema-goers, with many going to the movies at least twice in any given three-month period.

Online activities

On the other hand, it’s no surprise that Australia’s heavy internet users are 55% more likely than the average Aussie to read newspapers online and 71% likelier to stream TV (via the ABC’s iView, for example).

Source:Roy Morgan Single Source (Aust) January 2012 - December 2012 (n=7,832). Media based on usage frequency: 2+ visits to the Cinema in an average 3 months, 3+ hours per day of Commercial TV viewing, 5+ magazine issues incl NIMs read (last issue), 3+ hours per day of commercial radio, 7+ Newspapers excl NIMS read in the last 7 days

George Pesutto, Industry Director — Media, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“It’s interesting to see that, even among people who spend significant amounts of time online, there is still a large appetite for other types of media.

“This goes against the popular assumption that the internet is superseding traditional media. Even as new technologies (for example, laptops and smartphones) present ever more opportunities to go online, Australians continue to consume print media, free-to-air commercial TV and radio. The situation is similar in New Zealand, where a higher percentage of heavy internet users watch TV than their Aussie counterparts.

“Rather than putting all their eggs in the online basket, smart companies are taking a multi-platform approach with their marketing communications to ensure they achieve the widest possible reach.”

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