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The latest findings from Roy Morgan reveal that staying with relatives or friends while on a domestic holiday is losing popularity, as more Australians choose to stay in hotels, motels and rental properties.

We’ve all done it: enjoyed the hospitality of friends or relatives on a domestic holiday rather than shell out for paid accommodation. But the latest Roy Morgan Single Source Survey shows that a growing number of holidaying Australians are choosing to pay for hotels, motels and rental properties rather than stay with friends or relatives.

For the 12 months to February 2013, 36% of Australians stayed with friends and relatives on their last domestic holiday — down from 41% in March 2001.

Hotels and/or motels are the most popular form of paid accommodation with 30% of travellers using them on their last domestic holiday, up from 25% in March 2001. Rented accommodation is also popular, with 18% of Aussies choosing this option (up from 15% in March 2001). Caravans and cabins haven’t fared so well: whereas 12% of travellers reported staying in one back in March 2001, this figure has fallen to 9%.

New Zealanders, on the other hand, are more likely (45%) to stay with their friends and relatives when taking a domestic holiday.

Jane Ianniello, International Director of Tourism, Travel & Leisure, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Over the last decade or so more Australians are staying in paid accommodation when on a domestic holiday, and less of them are staying with friends and relatives. Hotels, motels, resorts and rented accommodation are all growing in popularity, no doubt helped along by booking websites offering irresistibly competitive rates.

“Rented accommodation is popular amongst family groups and groups of friends, whereas couples prefer hotels, motels, or resorts. People travelling alone on holidays often stay with friends and relatives. Intriguingly, caravans and cabins are attracting fewer travellers despite an aging population.

“It is important for hotel and motel chains and tourist parks to understand the demographics, attitudes and behavioural profile of their target market, so as to tailor appropriate messages that motivate them to choose their brand.”

Source:Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2000 – February 2013, average annual sample n = 13,447

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