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They say you’ve got to be in to win it. Just ask the 17% of Australians (3.1 million) who tried their luck with an Oz Lotto (Super 7s) ticket during the December 2012 quarter, according to the latest Roy Morgan Gambling Monitor results.


The reason for this unusually high participation rate? The $100 million Oz Lotto jackpot drawn on Melbourne Cup Day 2012.

Participation in Oz Lotto varies over time, but typically about 7?12% of the Australian population aged 18+ buy a ticket in an average four?week period. However during the quarter of the $100 million jackpot, the average four?week participation rate jumped to 17%.

The $90 million Oz Lotto jackpot, drawn on 30 June 2009, had a similarly resounding effect, prompting 19% of Australians to buy an Oz Lotto ticket in an average four?week period during the corresponding quarter.

Percentage of Australians who played Oz Lotto (Super 7s) in the last 4 weeks

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2008 - December 2012, average annual sample n=4,765.

Jane Ianniello, International Director of Tourism, Travel & Leisure, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Many Australians regularly participate in lotteries, but the lure of a large Lotto jackpot often encourages people who don’t usually buy Lotto tickets to ‘be in it to win it’.

“Large jackpots over recent years, coupled with the convenience of being able to buy Lotto tickets online, has seen Lotto’s share of Australians’ total annual gambling spend increase from 7% in June 2008 to 9% in December 2012.

“Australian women aged 50 – 64 years are the most likely group to participate in these large Lotto jackpots, with younger men under 35 far less likely to buy tickets. Interestingly, men in the 35?49 age bracket are the second likeliest group to take part in a Lotto jackpot.”

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